We’ve got a list of the best chef knives under 100 dollars. There are plenty of chef knives on the market that can cost up to hundreds of dollars, but why spend a fortune when you can get a top quality piece at a decent price?

Check out these best chef knives under 100 dollars that you can purchase online right now, with information on their design & usability, and quality & performance, as well as pros and cons.

For some quick info on them, you can also check their HRC or the Rockwell Hardness Scale, product dimensions, blade size and type, and others in the table below!

Best Chef Knives under 100 Dollars

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10. MAD SHARK Santoku-style Chef’s Knife – Best All-Around Knife under $100

Design & Usability

For the price, this knife will make a pleasant surprise for multiple reasons.
Its hollow edge design with oval shaped hollow divots prevents food from sticking to the blade while making the knife well-balanced and easy to handle.

It has a Santoku design, but don’t expect a genuine Japanese chef’s knife at this price point. It reportedly sports German technology, but it is made in RPC.

The ergonomic handle made of military grade high polymer was another nice surprise. Plus the triple rivet system ensures that the handle stays put onto the blade.

Santoku Knife - MAD SHARK Pro Kitchen Knives 7 Inch Chef's Knife

Main Features

🔪 5.9″ German stainless steel blade

    🔪 Japanese Santoku-inspired design

🔪 15-angle hand-polished blade

🔪 Full Tang

🔪 Oriental single bevel

Quality & Performance

This impressive chef knife sports a hollow edge design, which gives it a perfect balance even in beginner cooks’ hands.

It has a quality feel to it and a nice grip, two very rare features in this price range. The blade is razor sharp straight out of the box, and the manufacturer boasts German technology and craftsmanship.

We aren’t very sure about the FDA certification and other apparent marketing gimmicks, like the “high carbon steel” claim, but after a first test run, we found this knife to be an excellent all-around cooking knife every home cook should have.

  • Well-balanced and very easy to use
  • Full tang
  • Very comfortable grip
  • Impressive value for the price
  • Made in China
  • Stainless steel knife advertised as high carbon steel

9. Newild N414110 – Best Japanese Chef Knife under $100

Design & Usability

The Newild knife is truly a pretty piece to look at, with an elegant wavy pattern inspired by traditional Japanese cutlery.

However, as the manufacturers clearly state, this is not a Damascus knife, but rather a high carbon stainless steel one with a similar design.

The handle is reported to be extremely comfortable, with an ergonomic, full tang, Pakka wood design. Another noteworthy aspect is that the 8-inch blade is hand-polished.

Best Chef Knives Newild N414110 - Best Chef Knife Under 100 Dollars by Sales

Main Features

🔪 7Cr17 Mov stainless steel blade

    🔪 Japanese Damascus-inspired style

🔪 15-angle hand-polished blade

🔪 55-58 Rockwell hardness

🔪 25 mm blade thickness

Quality & Performance

We seem to be dealing with a couple of ups and downs concerning the quality of the Newild knife. Still, in terms of quality and performance, you can’t help but mention its precision forging, proper balance, and non-sticking benefits.

Even though the piece comes sharp and ready-to-use, quite a few customers mentioned that it’s prone to quick dulling.

Still, if you take care and sharpen it often, the knife should provide you with years of pleasantly slicing through meats and produce.

  • Comes perfectly sharp
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Good weight/ balance
  • Sleek, all-black black packaging
  • Some customers received bent blades
  • Might dull easily

If Japanese cutlery holds a special place in your kitchen, then be sure to also check our selection of Japanese chef knives. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find your new favorite!

8. Imarku SC10-01

Design & Usability

We all have to start from somewhere, right? Naturally, even a master chef was a novice at one point.

Quite a few professional chefs back up the Imarku in consumer reports, which might make it even better to hear that it has proven to be a fabulous knife for beginners.

This expensive-looking budget kitchen knife was manufactured with German engineering. The 8-inch blade will reportedly maintain its sharpness for quite some time, regardless if you’re slicing tomatoes or boning chicken.

Marketed as a multi-functional chef knife, it works just as well for fish and even other tricky fruits and vegetables.

So if you’re enthusiastic about sharpening your cooking skills, then the Imarku SC10-01 is a perfect choice as it is among the best chef knife under 100 dollars for beginners in the culinary arts.

Best Chef Knives Imarku SC10-01 - Best Beginner Chef Knife under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 6-0.75% carbon stainless steel blade

🔪 German-engineered design

🔪 16-18% chrome in the blade

🔪  56-58 Rockwell hardness

🔪 3 mm blade thickness

Quality & Performance

The specifications that accompany the product all seem to point to high quality, making this model one of the best chef knives under 100 dollars. With a Rockwell hardness range of 56-58 and a high carbon content (up to 0.75%, as opposed to the 0.3% industry average), the blade is sure to perform over time if you take proper care of it.

Unfortunately, the thinness of the blade (2.3 mm) may also lead in it breaking in some situations. Still, the knife gets major points for having a good weight-balance ratio.

  • Anti-tarnish and corrosion blade
  • Edge retention – holds an edge well
  • Satisfying balance and weight
  • Nice packaging
  • Simple to maneuver
  • Multi-functional
  • Blade prone to breaking according to several reviews
  • Poorly-made handle (might crack or start discoloring)

7. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 5.2003.15

Design & Usability

We’ll be talking about several 6-inch models in the present guide, but the Victorinox 5.2003.15 takes the cake. Did we already point out that it is crafted by a prestigious Swiss cutlery brand? Now we did.

The Original Swiss Army Knife manufacturing company maintains the same high standards for their kitchen cutlery. Although you can get a 10-inch version, we strongly recommend the 6-inch model for its versatility and usability for all categories of users.

Possibly the most notable design feature is the trademark non-slip Fibrox Pro handle, which provides exceptional grip even when soaked in water. These featured place this model in our best chef knives under 100 dollars list.

Best Chef Knives Victorinox 5.2003.15 - Best 6-inch Chef Knife under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 11 3/16″ full blade and handle length

🔪 Anti-slipping Fibrox Pro handle

🔪 Genuine Swiss-made chef knife

🔪 6-inch stainless steel blade

🔪 15-degree blade edge

Quality & Performance

Aside from the terrific handle, the 6-inch blade is sharp and easy to maneuver and thanks to the reduced length, you can cut and slice with added precision.

Although small and lightweight for a chef’s knife, Victorinox didn’t cut down on the balance provided with this 6-inch model.

  • Trustworthy, non-slip Fibrox Pro handle
  • Ergonomic design and superior maneuverability
  • Multipurpose chef knife
  • Sharp out of the box
  • Lifetime warranty against workmanship and material defects
  • Some may find the blade too flexible and lightweight
  • Might arrive with a dull blade

6. CUSIBOX Ceramic CB-CK003

Design & Usability

A great number of cooks are apprehensive when it comes to purchasing a chef knife made of anything else other than stainless steel. Ceramic knives, unfortunately, had a bad reputation for not being sharp enough, breaking, and even being unsafe for food.

Notwithstanding, we have pinpointed a ceramic knife that you’ll fall head-over-heels in love with – the CUSIBOX CB-CK003.

We were seriously impressed by its design and the fact that your order comes with a fair-fitting plastic sheath for extra safety.

The blade is made from high-tech, high-quality, expertly-engineered Zirconium Oxide, making it just as user-friendly as a stainless steel knife.

Best Chef Knives CUSIBOX Ceramic CB-CK003 - Best Ceramic Chef Knife under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 Blade heated at +2700°F temperature for hardness

🔪 6-inch Zirconium Oxide blade

🔪 Black sheath cover included

🔪 FDA-approved ceramic knife

🔪 Safe ABS+TPR handle

Quality & Performance

Despite the fact that the blade may chip if used improperly, the knife should exceed your expectations if you take proper care of it.

Users have complimented the performance of the CUSIBOX piece in almost all situations, particularly in regards to vegetables and fruits.

  • Very comfortable to maneuver
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Lightweight and safe thanks to its specially-made handle
  • Notably sharp for a ceramic knife
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Blade sensitive to chipping and might break
  • Not as sharp as expected

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5. Wüsthof 4582/16

Design & Usability

This Wüsthof model is a prime example of German quality and design. With a smart, three-riveted polymer handle, the 6-inch model won’t cause imbalance or risk slipping from your hands.

Moreover, the hand-honed blade is actually made from authentic German high carbon stainless steel, as all Wüsthof knives are crafted in Solingen.

The company uses their signature Precision Edge Technology to forge a blade with a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale.

Best Chef Knives Wustof 4582/16 - Best Quality Chef Knife under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) sharpness

🔪 High carbon stainless steel blade

🔪 Triple-riveted polymer handle

🔪 58 Rockwell hardness

🔪 Made in Germany

Quality & Performance

Although Wustof chef knives are undoubtedly high quality, the company sadly seems to have a few QA issues. You will most likely receive a top-of-the-line knife in excellent condition, but there are a few cases of defective products reaching customers.

Also, if a 6-inch knife is not your top choice, you can find this same tool in a 4.5-inches version and all the way up to a 12-inches one.

  • Cuts extremely well
  • Simple to sharpen
  • Fine weight
  • Remarkable balance
  • Finger guard and full bolster
  • Triple riveted full tang
  • May not hold a sharp edge for a long time or arrive blunt
  • Unsafe packaging from some Amazon sellers, according to several reviews


Design & Usability

In spite of its budget knife price tag, the KUTT piece looks and feels like a high-end chef knife. Their clean logo is tastefully printed on the 8-inch blade, while the knife itself comes in a beautifully lined gift box with almost everything you’ll need when using it.

The stainless steel soap bar will help remove any unpleasant odors after cutting, the finger guard will keep you safe while slicing, and the cleaning cloth will greatly aid with its long-term maintenance.

Although it is a new, family-owned business, KUTT is sure to be on the rise thanks to their great products, as well as their marvelous customer service. They make some of the best affordable kitchen knives under $100.

Best Chef Knives KUTT B01LZJ68GE - Best Value Chef Knife under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 Gift box, odor remover & cleaning cloth included

🔪 Ergonomic Pakka wood handle

🔪 7Cr17 Mov stainless steel blade

🔪 57 Rockwell hardness

🔪 Metal finger guard

Quality & Performance

KUTT wants to stand out through stellar customer service as it fully stands by its lifetime warranty and the small business personally reaches out to any seemingly unsatisfied customers to try to find and offer a solution.

Another great thing about this company’s products is that you can use the knife and the additional tools straight out of the box.

As a side note, never put your KUTT piece (or any other chef knife) in the dishwasher. Still, make sure to clean and dry it after each use.

  • Amazing value with all the added accessories
  • Premium handle made of
  • Effective odor removing soap bar and finger guard
  • Graceful design and packaging
  • Lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service
  • Complaints of handle splinting
  • May dull quickly
  • Might develop rust spots if not cared for well

3. SKY LIGHT C-6628

Design & Usability

With a classic German style silhouette, the SKY LIGHT knife is a beauty to look at. The triple-riveted handle is not only pretty, but it also provides a satisfying grip and all-around balance when cutting.

You can use this lovely budget knife for mincing, chopping, dicing or slicing meat or produce without a sweat.

Best Chef Knives SKY LIGHT C-6628 - Best Budget Chef's Knife under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 8-inch stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15) blade

🔪 58 Rockwell hardness

🔪 15-degrees knife edge angle

🔪 Hand-polished blade

🔪 Triple-riveted ergonomic handle

Quality & Performance

You will definitely be surprised by this knife’s good quality. It may be the least expensive stainless steel knife on our list and you may not know the company (or know it that well), but you will surely love using it.

Cutting with is as smooth as it can be, while its smart design will help you maneuver the piece with extreme ease.

  • Full-size German HC stainless steel chef knife
  • Clean and smooth cutting
  • Great grip on handle (made of Military-grade High Polymer)
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Relatively unknown brand

2. Pohaku PH-CK01

Design & Usability

With a shiny finish, the Pohaku knife gives its industry competitors a run for their money. The Pakka wood handle is truly comfortable and will fit snugly in the palm of your hand. Pohaku crafted a knife with proper weight and balance that you can use for a variety of culinary hacks and wonders.

Best Chef Knives Pohaku PH-CK01 – Top-rated Chef Knife Under 100 Dollars

Main Features

🔪 German stainless steel 7Cr17 Mov

🔪 2051-degree precise forging

🔪 Laser-tested tapered edge

🔪 16 to 18-degree angle

🔪 7-ounce weight

Quality & Performance

The Pohaku knife itself seems to be of amazing quality, particularly considering its price range. Its sharpness, performance, and good construction it provides will surely exceed your expectations.

We also believe it’s a superb budget knife for novices that are looking to develop their cooking skills.

The only minor complaint we have from this point of view is that some customers may receive theirs with some small blemishes, but that’s likely just nitpicking.

  • Multipurpose chef knife
  • Comfortable weight
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Ultrasharp and lightweight
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Lifetime guarantee and Return Policy
  • May have some blemishes
  • Relatively new and unknown producer

1. J.A. Henckels 31161-201

Design & Usability

Crafted by the renowned German company J.A. Henckels, this 8-inch chef knife from the International Classic series is one of the best chef knives under 100. As with any distinguished knife company, design is of the essence. This Henckels piece follows a classy German-style outline, complete with a three-riveted, non-slip polymer handle.

You can rest assured that the blade is genuine German stainless steel too, and that it is high in carbon.

The full-length tang ensures balance and precision at all times, whether you dice, chop, slice or mince your ingredients. Additionally, the full bolster will help you enjoy cutting at an ideal weight while preparing meals.

Best Chef Knives J.A. Henckels 31161-201 - Best Chef Knife Under 100 Dollars of 2018

Main Features

🔪 German high carbon stainless steel

🔪 Precision forged, satin-finished blade

🔪 Triple-riveted polymer handle

🔪 Full tang construction

🔪 Dishwasher-safe

🔪 Made in Spain

Quality & Performance

There’s no doubting the quality of pieces crafted by J.A. Henckels, from the blade to the grip and more. However, there are some QA concerns that we hope the company will keep in mind for future models. A number of customers are pleased that the blade is incredibly sharp, but they’re worried that the spine isn’t filed down properly. Aside from that, the 8-inch Henckels is a superstar in the kitchen, spectacularly performing for all common purposes.

  • Extremely sharp
  • Reliable all-purpose knife
  • Very sturdy and well-balanced
  • Lifetime warranty by J.A. Henckels
  • Spine has poor finish
  • Edge may not resist

Want even cheaper knives, we’ve got some good ones under $50!

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🔪  Chopping, Dicing, Slicing – So Much Easier Now 🔪

Whether you’re seeking Japanese inspiration or premium German quality, you can enjoy a variety of reliable chef knives without breaking the bank.

Still, before choosing one of these best kitchen knives under 100 dollars (or any chef knife, really), be sure to check features like sharpness, balance, weight, grip, and hardness.

Don’t hesitate to share your personal favorite with us in the comments (or tell us all about other best chef knives under 100 dollars.