Impossible as it may seem, you can get an incredible deal on a high-quality chef knife.

You don’t have to spend hundreds on a reputed brand to enjoy cutlery that will last for years to come.

With proper use and the right maintenance, even a $20 knife can withstand the test of time.

To assist you in finding the perfect budget model, we have compiled a list of the best chef knives under 50 dollars that you can get this year.

Choose your favorite one based on sharpness, blade length, handle type, and more below!

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars in 2019

NameProduct Dimensions (inches)Blade Dimensions (inches)Weight (ounces)Blade TypeHRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale)Handle Type
MAXYGIFT 8-inch15 x 3.8 x 2887cr17mov high-carbon stainless steel58-60Pakka wood
Cuisinart C59CE-8CF1.2 x 16.8 x 4.684.8CeramicN/AErgonomic (material unknown)
Faberware 51607140.8 x 2 x 11.264High-carbon stainless steelN/AErgonomic (material unknown)
DALSTRONG Gladiator Kiritsuke8.7 x 0.1 x 1.88.59High-carbon stainless steel55Triple-riveted Pakka wood
Imarku 10-inch16.5 x 3.1 x 1.210N/A1.4116-grade high-carbon German stainless steel56±2Pakka wood
Aicok USAFF7666835 x 8.7 x 3787.7420 high-carbon stainless steel, W-Nr. 1.4116N/AOne piece with blade
ZYLISS 3139213.8 x 0.8 x stainless steelN/AErgonomic (material unknown)
Victorinox Fibrox Pro 4755210 x 1.2 x 0.853.04High-carbon stainless steel55-56Fibrox Pro
Mercer Culinary Genesis M206062 x 1 x 1168.8X50CrMoV15 high-carbon stainless steelN/ASantoprene
Wusthof Pro 4862-7/2017 x 3.5 x 1810.1X50CrMoV15 stainless alloyed steelN/APolymer

10. MAXYGIFT 8-inch – Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars for Gifts

Giving gifts can be just as lovely as receiving them.

If you want to brighten someone’s day with a present, regardless of the occasion, a chef knife is a wonderful idea. And if you’re low on budget, you can find an entire range of best cooking knives for under $50. Like this one.

While you can buy any basic chef knife on a budget, we recommend going one step further and getting a thoughtful package.

The MAXYGIFT 8-inch not only comes with a gift box but also a knife sharpener.

You get all these perks for around $20 on Amazon, where the item has a high average customer rating (4.7 stars).

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars MAXYGIFT 8-inch - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars for Gifts

Main Features

  • Japanese style 8-inch chef knife
  • 58-60 Rockwell hardness
  • 7cr17mov steel
  • 6-0.75% carbon
  • Set with sharpener and gift box

Design & Usability

The MAXYGIFT 8-inch chef knife is inspired by traditional Japanese cutlery, with the associated style and general outline.

While the blade is 8 inches long, the full kitchen knife measures 13 inches.

Moreover, the handle is made from Pakka wood and ensures comfort while slicing, carving, chopping, and dicing.

Regretfully, some customers have reported that the handle lacks a sturdy grip, so you should be careful handling it when wet.

Quality & Performance

There is some debate over the quality of the MAXYGIFT 8-inch knife set.

While some users are delighted with the overall value they receive, others believe the piece is overpriced.

A few customers have noted that the sharpener is of inferior quality or that the blade isn’t as sharp as they had expected.

All the same, the manufacturer reports that the blade is made of 7cr17mov stainless steel with a carbon content of 0.6-0.75% and a rating of 58-60 on the Rockwell Hardness scale.

  • Ideal gift for friends or family
  • Slices smoothly
  • Good balance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Elegant packaging
  • Not as sharp as expected
  • Handle has poor grip
  • Generally overpriced
We warmly recommend the MAXYGIFT 8-inch knife to anyone who plans to offer a practical gift to a loved one. The gift box is beautiful, while the bonus knife sharpener truly makes the package complete.

9. Cuisinart C59CE-8CF – Best Ceramic Chef Knife under 50 Dollars

Stainless steel chef knives come with a series of advantages and disadvantages, even if they’re high in carbon.

If you want an affordable alternative that will hold a razor sharp edge for a remarkably long time, you may want to consider a ceramic knife.

One of the best kitchen knives for home use in this category is the Cuisinart C59CE-8CF ceramic chef knife.

With an approximate price of $32 on Amazon, the 8-inch piece is applauded by customers for its versatility, sharpness, and overall value.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Cuisinart C59CE-8CF - Best Ceramic Chef Knives under 50 Dollars

Main Features

  • 8” blade
  • Break-resistant ceramic
  • 8 oz. weight
  • Ergonomically-designed handle
  • Blade guard included

Design & Usability

If long-term sharpness is what you are looking for in a budget chef knife, ceramic may be the best solution.

As opposed to steel, ceramic rarely needs to be sharpened.

As far as the Cuisinart model is concerned, some customers claim that they haven’t had to sharpen theirs in over two years.

The knife features an 8-inch blade and an overall weight of less than 5 ounces, making it easy to maneuver.

You will also get a blade cover for protection when ordering it on Amazon. That’s very useful in caring for your ceramic knife, as leaving it out in the open will damage the blade!

Quality & Performance

As with any ceramic chef knife, the Cuisinart C59CE-8CF needs to be used with care.

All ceramic models can and will chip, crack or break if improperly handled or dropped on hard surfaces.

While this may be a major drawback for users two left hands, it shouldn’t be an issue for the average customer.

Aside from this particular aspect, the lightweight Cuisinart knife is extremely sharp and ideal for slicing through veggies, fruits, and even boneless meat.

  • Doesn’t need to be sharpened often
  • Lightweight knife
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Holds an edge well
  • Perfect for fruit and veggies
  • Will chip if dropped
  • Tip may break easily
  • Block prone to cracking
Purchase the Cuisinart C59CE-8CF if you want the best ceramic chef knife that you can get if you are on a tight budget. This item is high quality and should withstand frequent use as long as it’s adequately cared for.
Cheapest Product

8. Faberware 5160714 – Cheapest Chef Knife on Our List

If you’re looking for the best chef knives under 50 dollars, it’s clear that you’re shopping on a budget.

But what if you want to get the least expensive model there is without wasting your hard-earned money?

Well, you have to find a great deal from a trusted company, just like the Faberware 5160714.

With a list price of around $12 and frequent 50% discounts, the 6-inch chef knife is undoubtedly the best chef knife under 20 dollars you can get (or even 10 if you’re lucky).

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Faberware 5160714 - Cheapest Chef Knives

Main Features

  • 6-inch blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • EdgeKeeper self-honing sleeve
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 11-inch total knife length

Design & Usability

When paying 6 to 12 dollars on a chef knife, you probably wouldn’t be hoping for much.

However, Faberware remarkably boosts the value of this budget knife even more by adding a self-sharpening sleeve to the package.

The sheath has a built-in ceramic sharpener that will hone your blade every time you slide it in and out of the sleeve.

While it can’t compare to the results obtained with a whetstone, it’s a fantastic bonus for an already affordable item.

Quality & Performance

Not all customers are satisfied with the Faberware 5160714, specifically because of its build quality and sharpness.

Nevertheless, please note that you’ll only be spending a few bucks on the knife, so it would be absurd to expect premium quality.

What you should focus on is the value you receive, from the nice balance to the multiple applications.

You can even use the knife to cut through various types of meat, like steaks or chicken, all while preventing wrist fatigue.

  • Cheapest knife on our list
  • Stays sharp in sheath
  • Weighs only 4 ounces
  • Well-balanced
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Relatively flimsy compared to other models
  • Might stain easily
  • Could be dull
Buy the Faberware 5160714 if your chef knife budget only consists of a few dollars. Despite the incredibly low price, this model delivers amazing performance. It’s the most affordable option you can get without skimping too much on quality.

7. DALSTRONG Gladiator Kiritsuke – Best Chef Knife under 50 Dollars for Professional Use

It may be unthinkable to find a great chef’s knife for under 50 dollars.

Be that as it may, we’ve found an extraordinary model that’s a pinch below the $50 line.

Whether you’re already a pro chef or an aspiring culinary artist, the DALSTRONG Gladiator Kiritsuke knife offers the best quality for the money.

The Kiritsuke model comes with premium engineering, performance, and sleek design on a budget.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars DALSTRONG Gladiator Kiritsuke - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars for Professional Use

Main Features

  • High-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel
  • 5” precision-forged blade
  • 55 Rockwell hardness
  • Hand-sharpened 16-18 degrees per side
  • Full tang construction

Design & Usability

DALSTRONG’s Gladiator Series includes models that are as gorgeous as they are powerful.

According to the manufacturer, the Kiritsuke has an award-winning design, inspired by the tips of Japanese swords.

It’s a double-bevel, Japanese-style knife, with a precise 16 to 18 degrees per side.

The premium triple-riveted Pakka wooden handle is laminated for extra durability and a non-slip grip.

This dazzling knife comes with a PerfectFit DALSTRONG sheath, as well as a stunning, gift-ready box.

Quality & Performance

The quality of the Kiritsuke fora budget knife is indisputable.

The 8.5” blade is made from ThyssenKrupp German steel, high in carbon and with 55 HRC.

It might be challenging to maneuver if you’re not accustomed to larger knives, but it’s terrific for push cutting tasks.

To top it all off, DALSTRONG supplies exceptional customer service, in case you have any troubles with your knife.

Overall, even though it may not be the best choice for a novice in the kitchen, it’s a true gem for skilled, professional chefs.

  • Unique design
  • Professional quality
  • Great for push cutting
  • Premium packaging
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Balance could be better
  • Might require sharpening out of the box
  • Not  appropriate for amateur cooks
Invest in the DALSTRONG Gladiator Kiritsuke if you want a genuinely special chef knife without exceeding your budget. From the eye-catching design to the first-rate packaging, Japanese-style knife is a lovely model. Also, the quality you receive for such a low price is beyond comparison.

6. Imarku 10-inch – Best Chef Knife under 50 Dollars with 10″ Blade

If you already have some cooking experience under your belt, you might want to upgrade to a larger chef knife.

A 10-inch blade may come off as intimidating at first, but you’ll soon see that it’s the perfect tool for effortlessly slicing through hard-to-cut foods.

For this particular class of ingredients, we recommend the Imarku 10-inch chef knife.

This beautifully-packaged piece of cutlery currently retails for about $40 on Amazon, where it enjoys a 4.5-star average rating from dozens of happy customers.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Imarku 10-inch - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars with 10" Blades

Main Features

  • 10-inch blade, 15-inch knife length
  • 4116-grade stainless steel
  • 56±2 Rockwell hardness
  • 14-15% chromium, 0.45-0.55% carbon
  • Ergonomic Pakka wood handle

Design & Usability

Possibly the most notable aspect of the Imarku knife’s design is something one many tend to overlook – the handle.

There is an abundance of praise with respect to the model’s well-designed Pakka wood handle, which provides excellent grip and convenience while cutting.

Considering that the overall length of the knife is 15 inches, comfort is essential.

The Imarku knife also comes with a pretty, felt-lined box, making it yet another one of the best chef knives under 50 dollars for gifts.

Quality & Performance

Although the manufacturer doesn’t state the weight of the knife, numerous customers praise it for being easy to handle, lightweight, and well-balanced.

It has a Rockwell hardness rating of 56±2 and a carbon content of 0.45-0.55%.

You can easily use this model to cut, mince, dice, chop or slice foods, from fish to vegetables or meat to fruit.

It saddens us to hear that it doesn’t have that long of a product life, with dulling, staining, rusting, and pitting all appearing to be common issues.

  • Comfortable and solid handle
  • Satisfying balance
  • Slices with ease
  • Conveniently lightweight
  • Nice packaging
  • Dulls easily
  • Prone to stains
  • May rust and pit quickly
Grab the Imarku 10″ if you want to try your hand at cooking with a large knife. It’s not as hard to maneuver as you would assume it would be, particularly owing to the super comfortable handle. Even more so, you’ll be able to slice through even the trickiest of foods without getting a headache in the process.

Marie, our in-house chef, has some amazing recipes here:

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Honey Chicken Noodle Salad
Roast garlic and herbs chicken
Roast Garlic and Herbs Chicken!
cardamom apple tart
Apple Cardamom Tart

5. Aicok USAFF76668 – Best Chef Knivfe under 50 Dollars with 8″ Blade

Not quite ready for a 10-inch chef knife yet?

You can test a model with an 8-inch blade to start getting used to the larger utensil.

One of the best budget chef’s knife options in this category is the Aicok USAFF76668.

If you order it on Amazon, you’ll only pay about $33, and that’s when there aren’t any discounts.

With a 4.5-star average rating from consumers, the Aicok knife is one that you can count on to get a really big bang for your buck.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Aicok USAFF76668 - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars with 8" Blades

Main Features

  • 1-piece construction
  • 420 stainless steel, W-Nr. 1.4116
  • 8-inch high-carbon blade
  • 13-inch full knife length
  • Lifetime warranty

Design & Usability

What makes this Aicok knife stand out from competitors is its ultra-sleek, one-piece design.

It was conceived this way to prevent the handle from falling off.

Additionally, it doesn’t leave room for bacteria to build up, as it would have with a traditional handle.

At 7.7 ounces, the Aicok model has a good weight to it. It’s not too light nor too heavy.

Therefore, you’ll enjoy the ideal balance.

However, the fact that the knife will flip over when submerged in water makes it a serious safety hazard.

Quality & Performance

Thankfully, there aren’t any reports of pitting or corrosion related to the Aicok.

Owing to the 8-inch, high-carbon, stainless steel blade, you shouldn’t be scared about the knife getting easily ruined.

What does seem to be an inconvenience is the handle.

Although the one-piece construction is cleverly thought out, multiple users have complained about the oddly-shaped handle being quite uncomfortable.

Other than that, the Aicok provides smooth cuts if it’s properly sharpened.

  • Budget-friendly chef knife
  • Stylish design
  • Hygienic, full-piece build
  • Good weight and balance
  • Cuts smoothly
  • Uncomfortable handle
  • Not that sharp
  • Dangerous design
Order the Aicok USAFF76668 if you desire an affordable but effective chef knife with an 8” blade. It’s the perfect intermediate knife if you want to step up your cooking game. Nevertheless, due to some design flaws, be careful when handling and cleaning it.

4. ZYLISS 31392 – Best Chef Knife under 50 Dollars with 7.5″ Blade

Are you interested in a balanced option that’s not too long nor too short?

You may be better off with a chef knife that has a 7” or 7.5” blade.

You have a myriad of models to choose from, but we want to recommend you one that will go really easy on your wallet.

The ZYLISS 31392 chef knife only costs approximately $15 on Amazon, and you may even find offers that make it less than $12.

Most customers are satisfied with their purchase, judging by the average 4.4-star rating this item has.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars ZYLISS 31392 - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars with 7.5" Blades

Main Features

  • 5-inch blade
  • High-carbon stainless steel
  • 4-oz. weight
  • Soft grip handle
  • Sheath included

Design & Usability

Weighing just 6.4 oz., the ZYLISS knife was designed to be easy on the wrists.

The 7.5” blade is made from high carbon steel, reducing the risk of stains or cracks.

Furthermore, it comes with a plastic blade guard that you should always keep on when the knife is stored away.

Unfortunately, some customers have complained that the knife is a lot larger in reality than it seems to be in the product pictures.

For this reason, we want to remind you to always check a knife’s specifications before buying it online.

Quality & Performance

The ZYLISS 31392 comes perfectly sharpened and ready to use out of the box.

Even though the company states this model is dishwasher safe, we encourage you to always wash and dry your cutlery by hand.

As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of corrosion and other forms of damage.

Also, it is reported to dull rather quickly, so you may want to buy a knife sharpener as well.

As long as you properly maintain your ZYLISS knife, you’ll enjoy an affordable tool for slicing, chopping, and more.

  • Best 7.5” chef knife on a budget
  • Arrives super sharp
  • Great for chopping and slicing
  • Nice grip
  • Blade cover comes in handy
  • Product images may be deceiving
  • Might rust quickly
  • Won’t stay sharp long
Get the ZYLISS 31392 if you’re looking for one of the best chef knives under 50 dollars with 7.5-inch blades. It’s reasonably priced, sharp out-of-the-box, and reliable for numerous kitchen tasks.

3. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 47552 – Best Chef Knife under 50 Dollars with 5″ Blade

We previously praised Victorinox when we talked about the best knives under $100 that you can get this year.

This time around, we want to shine some light on the brand’s smallest but highly user-friendly model – the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 47552.

With a 5-inch blade, the 47552 knife can be maneuvered with ease by all customers, regardless of experience.

If you order the model on Amazon, you’ll pay only around $20, give or take a few bucks.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Victorinox Fibrox Pro 47552 - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars with 5" Blades

Main Features

  • 55-56 Rockwell hardness
  • 5” high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • 15-degree blade
  • 04-ounce weight
  • Fibrox Pro handle

Design & Usability

The most prominent design feature with any type of Victorinox cutlery is their signature Fibrox Pro handle.

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, the brand’s trademark handle is extremely comfortable, with a non-slip, nice-feeling grip.

The 5-inch blade makes the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 47552 a fabulous entry-level chef knife or a fine choice for cutting in detail.

In addition, the model only weighs about 4 ounces, so it’s safe for users that may undergo joint pain.

Quality & Performance

Victorinox can compete even with the priciest cutlery makers in terms of quality and durability.

Notwithstanding, we can’t ignore the handful of complaints concerning the 47552’s quality.

Several dissatisfied customers claim the quality is visibly inferior to the company’s other models.

Setting these reports to the side, you can trust the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 47552 for countless applications, all without the added stress that larger knives come with.

  • Fine entry-level model
  • All-purpose chef knife
  • Amazing value for the money
  • Ideal for detailed cutting
  • Durable construction
  • Inferior quality compared to other Victorinox knives
  • Awkward handle-blade sizing
  • Loses its edge easily
If you’re keeping an eye out for the best chef knives under 50 dollars for rookies, the 5-inch Victorinox Fibrox Pro 47552 is exactly what you need. It’s a small and lightweight model that still manages to stand out through durability and performance.

2. Mercer Culinary Genesis M20606 – Best Rated Chef Knife under 50 Dollars

User reviews always play a huge role in determining the actual quality of a product.

Companies may boast about their revolutionary features, but real customer reviews are what brings the truth to light.

That being said, we have no doubts that the Mercer Culinary Genesis M20606 – with its 4.7-star average rating – is one of the best chef knives under 50 dollars you could ever hope for.

It may cost a few cents over the $50 line with its full Amazon price, but you can often find on huge sale).

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Mercer Culinary Genesis M20606 - Best Rated Chef Knives under 50 Dollars

Main Features

  • 6” German steel blade
  • X50CrMoV15 stainless steel
  • Precision-forged engineering
  • Full-tang
  • Santoprene handle

Design & Usability

The M20606 knife from Mercer Culinary’s Genesis series is strikingly beautiful, especially for the price point.

Despite the fact that, at 8.8 ounces, the knife is somewhat weighty, it offers exceptional balance and effortless slicing.

With a blade length of 6 inches, you can use the M20606 for small and larger foods alike.

The only apparent design flaw of this model, in particular, seems to be the high bolster, making some work positions slightly inconvenient.

Quality & Performance

Mercer Culinary is a well-respected brand in the industry, with high-quality cutlery that can go head-to-head with big name brands for a fraction of the price.

As for the M20606 model, it looks, feels, and works like a premium quality knife.

This full-tang knife features a precision-forged and taper-ground edge, all with top-rated X50CrMoV15 German stainless steel.

You may need to sharpen the knife often if you use it heavily on a daily basis, but this applies to all chef knives.

  • Outstanding value
  • Sharp on arrival
  • Top quality steel
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • NSF certification
  • Can be heavy for some users
  • Will lose sharpness after heavy use
  • Annoying bolster design
If quality, feedback, and value are qualities you are looking for in a chef knife, don’t hesitate to invest in the Mercer Culinary Genesis M20606. The model is just as competent as +$100 knives, with a long product life and highly satisfying performance.
Best Product

1. Wusthof Pro 4862-7/20 – Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars

Just when you think it can’t get any better, we’re here to remind you of Wusthof.

It’s no secret that this German company crafts some of the most esteemed, commercial-grade knives in the business.

As far as the best chef knives under 50 dollars are in discussion, the Wusthof Pro 4862-7/20 is the crème de la crème. The absolute best 50 dollar chef knife available.

It ticks off all the boxes in terms of features we are looking for in a valuable chef knife, all while protecting our wallet.

The 4862-7/20 should cost around $45 on Amazon, depending on promotions.

Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars Wusthof Pro 4862-7/20 - Best Chef Knives under 50 Dollars

Main Features

  • Multi-purpose chef knife with an 8-inch blade
  • X50CrMoV15 stainless alloy steel
  • 14-inch full length
  • Polymer handle
  • Ergonomic design

Design & Usability

Wusthof uses strong stainless alloy steel for the 4862-7/20, completing the piece with an ergonomic, remarkably comfortable, polymer handle.

The overall length of the knife is 14 inches, while the weight is perfect to ensure excellent balance.

In other situations, it might be classified as a heavier knife, but it makes slicing through thick meats, veggies, and fruits a breeze.

You can also mince, dice, chop, and carve your way toward picture-perfect meals, even if you’re not an expert.

Quality & Performance

German quality is highly sought-after for a reason, particularly when it comes to cutlery.

As a matter of fact, we’ve previously awarded Wusthof with a “best quality” spot on our list of the overall best chef knives of the year.

In spite of a few QA complaints, the 4862-7/20 is generally regarded as a top-of-the-line knife fit for professional cooks.

Still, what truly made us choose it as our top budget model is its ability to hold an edge for a long time (and we don’t say that lightly).

  • Holds an edge well
  • Fine balance
  • Well-molded handle
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 5th best-selling Chef Knife on Amazon
  • Poor quality assurance
  • Feels cheaply made
  • Mediocre packaging
The Wusthof Pro 4862-7/20 is, hands down, the best chef knife under 50 dollars that you can catch this year. The model solves the shortcomings of most of its competitors, leaving its mark on the industry through long-lasting sharpness, remarkable balance, and, of course, genuine German quality.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the term “best” really is in the eye of the beholder.

While we wholeheartedly recommend any of the models above as the best kitchen knives under 50 dollars, it all depends on what you specifically want out of yours.

Do you prefer shorter or longer blades? Stainless steel or ceramic?

Are you willing to get closer to the $50 line if you were to receive extra value?

You can now make a well-informed decision and find the top budget knife for you.