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Calling all anglers to check out the best fillet knives on the market right now!

We have rounded up the ultimate cutlery guide for fishermen of all kind, regardless whether they’re after freshwater or saltwater species.

In order to make the most of your catch and easily turn it into a mouth-watering meal, you’ll need one of the best fillet knives out there.

Forget about stressing yourself out over the right pick, because we have selected and reviewed the top knives for filleting fish of the entire year.

Choose the best fillet knife for your needs based on the fish of your choice or other key aspects.

The Best Fillet Knife of 2019

NameProduct Dimensions (inches)Blade Dimensions (inches)Weight (ounces)Blade TypeHandle Type
Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet 15 x 6 x 267Swedish SSBirch
Buck 0220BLS0.4 x 0.4 x 0.46.56420J2 steelTPE
Morakniv M-1189214 x 5 x 16.13.512C27 steelHigh-friction
Gerber Controller 6″10 x 1 x 1689Cr steelHydro Tread Grip
Dexter SG142-8TE-PCP10 x 8 x 386.2DEXSTEELSofgrip
American Angler Delta Series 30110DS1 x 4.8 x 20.5108.8German steelSantoprene
Rapala 2278562.2 x 6 x
Kershaw 1259XN/A93.84420J2 steelCo-polymer rubber
DALSTRONG GS-7inch-filet12.7 x 0.8 x 0.175.9German steelPakkawood

9. Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife – Best Entry-Level Fillet Knife

This classic fillet knife with an ethnic vibe is made of Swedish stainless steel, is full-tang, has a nice birch handle, ergonomic design and is long enough for nearly any type of fish you may need to fillet.

Yet, don’t expect the perfect fillet knife even though it may look so as there’s no size fits all fish when it comes to these type of kitchen knives.

If you’re really into filleting your fish and have lots of it, your best bet would be to own multiple fillet knives in various sizes.

The Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife is currently available in 4”, 6”, and 7 1/2” variants. Unfortunately, there’s no 9” one, for really big fish, yet.

Main Features

 Swedish stainless steel

 4″, 6″ and 7 1/2″ blade sizes

Varnished birch handle 

Leather sheet supplied

Design & Usability

The lanyard is a nice touch for keeping the knife at hand at all times.

If you plan on buying this fillet knife, we’d recommend paying attention to the knife’s available sizes as the 4” inch one is very small and designed for small fish only.

Don’t get misled by the product’s featured image when placing an order. That’s the 6″ model (with 10.5 inch overall length). A 4″ would be a lot smaller.

As an added bonus, the knife comes with a sharpener, which is a handy tool in any kitchen.

We also like the leather Laplander sleeve and the varnished birch handle since they give the product an ethnic vibe, even though the sleeve is a bit thin and impractical for such a sharp knife.

Quality & Performance

A big plus of this brand is that their fillet knives are extremely sharp straight out of the box and hold an edge long time.

Some users have reported using this knife for just about anything in the kitchen thanks to its extraordinary versatility. Nevertheless, we would recommend buying a chef’s knife for that but you can’t beat the price.

All in all, the quality build and materials of this knife are decent. There are folk tales about this knife holding up for decades, but the quality has been thinning lately, especially if the knife was made in China.

So, don’t expect to pass it down to your grandchildren. Invest in a (slightly) more expensive fillet knife for that.

  • Very sharp knife
  • Full-tang
  • Great value for the price
  • Very versatile
  • Comes with a single-stage sharpener
  • Blade is too stiff and easily prone to denting
  • Knife comes with a sharpener
The Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife  is a nice entry-level fillet knife for anglers and cooks on a budget. It is very accessible and versatile (it can perform many other functions than just filleting), but the blade is a bit stiff and dents easily.

8. Buck 0220BLS – Best Folding Fillet Knife

Are you a die-hard fisherman who loves to travel for their next big catch?

The best fillet knife for you is likely a folding fillet knife one.

Not only can you carry it along and fillet your fish on the spot whenever and wherever, but you will also enjoy a safe tool.

From where we stand, one of the best folding fillet knives you can try is the Buck 0220BLS.

With a current Amazon price of about $35, this Buck knife is an accessible, reliable, and worthwhile purchase for any fisher on the go.

 Buck 0220BLS - Best Folding Fillet Knife Buck 0220BLS - Best Folding Fillet Knife

Main Features

 Titanium-coated 420J2 steel

 25″ closed length

 06″ spine

 Rubberized TPE handle

 Nylon loop attachment

Design & Usability

The Buck 0220BLS was designed with high-quality materials that were built to last.

Its blade is made out of 420J2 steel, coated in titanium, while the handle is blue glass reinforced polypropylene with TPE.

When folded, the knife measures 7.25 inches, out of which about 6.5 inches represent the blade.

As a result, the 0220BLS is quite long for a fillet knife and is generally recommended for larger fish.

The lanyard is a nice touch for keeping the knife at hand at all times.

Quality & Performance

In terms of corrosion, the 0220BLS passed our test with flying colors.

Provided you thoroughly hand wash and dry the knife after each use, it’s likely that it won’t rust.

It comes perfectly sharp and ready to slice through even the trickiest of fish with thick skin.

However, there seems to be a recurring issue with the locking mechanism.

While some users had problems locking the blade in its unfolded position at the beginning, others started facing the issue after some use.

  • Folding storage convenience
  • Resistant to saltwater rusting
  • Sharp out of the box
  • Nicely flexible
  • Great for cutting through thick-skinned fish (i.e. tuna)
  • Very long when unfolded
  • Not suitable for small fish
  • Potential blade-locking problems
Choose the Buck 0220BLS if you need a great fillet knife for fishing trips. It’s a reasonably-priced model that conveniently folds down whenever you need to store it. Not requiring a sheath is also a convenient aspect.

7. Morakniv M-11892 – Best Fillet Knife for Walleye

There’s no doubt about the popularity of walleyes among fishermen.

If you’re always on the lookout for the perfect “walleye chop”, you need to have the best fillet knife for the occasion ready, one with a good flexible blade and a firm grip!

In this case, you can’t go wrong with the Morakniv M-11892.

With a list price of approximately $25 on Amazon, the Morakniv may be a bit expensive for some.

Nevertheless, the Swiss-made beauty has a lifetime warranty and has snagged a best-seller spot in three different Amazon categories.

Best Fillet Knife to Buy Morakniv M-11892 - Best Fillet Knife for Walleye

Main Features

Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade

 07-inch blade thickness

 1-inch blade length with 10.6-inch overall length

 Plastic sheath with slots included

 Anti-slip, anti-odor handle

Design & Usability

The best fillet knife from Morakniv is 10.6 inches long, with a 6.1-inch Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade.

Flexibility won’t be an issue with the M-11892, making it ideal for filleting walleye.

The handle provides a high-friction grip, reducing the risk of slips, but also odors.

This Morakniv’s model comes with a slotted plastic sheath you can use for storing it safely.

Not only is the M-11892 suitable for walleye, but it’s also recommended for freshwater fish in general, such as bluegill.

Quality & Performance

Morakniv is a company with long tradition in the Swiss cutlery industry.

Consequently, you can expect value for your money.

Unfortunately, though, there are some quality complaints regarding the M-11892 in particular.

First, the sheath is reported to be terribly designed. Second, the blade may get rust spots if you’re not careful with its maintenance.

On the bright side, the knife is sharp, comfortable to hold, and remarkably lightweight (just 3.5 oz.).

  • Great for walleye, bluegill, and other freshwater fish
  • Pleasantly flexible bladefish
  • Feels comfortable in hand
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Triple best-seller on Amazon, with a lifetime warranty
  • Poorly-made sheath
  • May rust quickly
  • Disappointing edge retention
Walleye anglers can count on the Morakniv M-11892 for all their filleting tasks. Even though the sheath is of poor quality, the knife itself will meet all your expectations. If you work with smaller fish, you can also get the Morakniv fillet knife in the 3.5-inch version.

6. Gerber Controller – Best Fillet Knife for Freshwater Fish

If you’re all about fishing for a hearty meal, you should seek the best fillet knife for freshwater fish that doubles as a boning knife.

Gerber is one of the most appreciated companies in the game, so you know you can count on their fillet knives.

The Gerber Controller retails for about $35 on Amazon, but you may be lucky enough to find it on sale for less.

Main Features

 6-inch full tang blade

 9Cr18MoV stainless steel blade

 Hydro Tread Grip anti-slip tech

 Included sheath with built-in sharpener

 Textured handle

Design & Usability

This Gerber Controller model has a 16-inch blade, but you can also get the 8-inch or the 10-inch version on Amazon.

It comes with a sheath that features a built-in sharpener, so all you have to do is swipe it a few times before and after each use to keep it working well.

The 9Cr18MoV stainless steel blade is fairly flexible, but sturdy enough for boning.

You can easily use the Controller for any type of freshwater fish, including crappies and catfish.

Quality & Performance

Sadly, there are some quality concerns with the Controller as it tends not to hold an edge well.

Additionally, the blade is too flexible for big fish, and it might break if not handled properly.

Still, you can solve the sharpness issue just by using the sheath accordingly. All in all this is a great fillet knife for fresh fish.

  • Exceptional value
  • Feels good in hand
  • Portable sharpening option
  • Also appropriate for boning
  • Outstanding grip
  • Blade prone to breaking
  • Disappointing edge out of the box
You should look into the Gerber Controller if you’re on the hunt for a good fillet knife for freshwater fish. We particularly recommend it to anglers looking for a high-value knife at a reasonable price.

5. Dexter SG142-8TE-PCP – Best Fillet Knife for Redfish

Any seasoned angler will know that you can’t go wrong with a Dexter knife. Dexter-Russell is an accessible and quality brand that fishermen trust for their go-to instruments.

When it comes to filleting redfish, a Dexter knife is just what you need. We recommend trying the Dexter SG142-8TE-PCP, the best fillet knife for redfish that also doubles as a bait cutter.

If you order it on Amazon, you’ll be paying something in the $20 range.

Best Fillet Knife to Buy Dexter SG142-8TE-PCP - Best Fillet Knife for Redfish

Main Features

8-inch blade; 10-inch overall length

High-carbon, high-alloy blade material

Tiger Edge blade

Suitable for fresh and frozen fish

NSF certification

Design & Usability

As opposed to most traditional fillet knives, the Dexter SG142-8TE-PCP has an 8-inch blade with a serrated edge.

The reason is that anglers often use it to cut bait as well, be it fresh or frozen.

Consequently, you can use it as a multi-purpose fishing knife and pack lighter on your next trip.

However, we do recommend purchasing an adequate sheath for your and your gear’s safety.

The manufacturer recommends the Dexter WS-1 9-inch scabbard as the best choice.

Quality & Performance

The Dexter-Russell company has built its reputation by providing a century of reliable, quality products.

The same goes for the SG142-8TE-PCP, which has barely any complaints attached to its name.

Made from their trademark DEXSTEEL (high-alloy, high-carbon, stain-free), the model’s blade effectively cuts through even the toughest surfaces.

Please note, though, that the knife’s jagged edge may not be appropriate for filleting all types of fish.

Otherwise, it’s great for boning, as well.

  • Versatile fillet knife and bait cutter
  • Super sharp with good edge retention
  • Smoothly slices through tough skin
  • Goes through bones with ease
  • Reputed company; Made in USA
  • Tiger Edge may not be appropriate for all fish
  • Prone to pitting if not hand-dried
  • Product may not match visual description
Buy the Dexter SG142-8TE-PCP if you want the best fillet knife for redfish, but also for other similar tasks. You can use it to fillet, cut bait or even slice through bones, all for a fair price.

4. American Angler Delta Series 30110DS – Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish

In addition to Dexter-Russell, American Angler is yet another one of the most highly-respected cutlery brands for fishermen.

The angler-owned and operated company produces affordable yet powerful fillet knives, such as those in the Delta Series.

For working with saltwater fish, their best fillet knife is the American Angler Delta Series 30110DS.

If you always focus on big catches, this big and accessible knife (around $25 on Amazon) is just what you need.

Best Fillet Knife to Buy American Angler Delta Series 30110DS - Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish

Main Features

10-inch serrated blade

High-carbon German stainless steel blade material

Side thumb grips design

Dual-texture, anti-slip Santoprene handle

1-year warranty

Design & Usability

With a huge 10-inch blade, the American Angler Delta Series 30110DS is the largest knife on our list.

Although it may not be suitable for panfish or other small fish, it will do an astounding job of filleting red drum, mahi-mahi, red snapper or giant tuna.

The long knife features a serrated edge, dual-texture Santoprene handle, and an ergonomic side-thumb grip design.

Regretfully, the 30110DS does not come with a sheath or scabbard, and it’s very difficult to find one that large.

Quality & Performance

Quality is definitely not a problem with the American Angler Delta Series 30110DS.

Customers are thrilled with the value of this durable yet flexible fillet knife.

It’s remarkably sharp and will slice through tens and tens of fish without any issues.

The 30110DS has a good weight and feel to it, making even demanding cuts and slices effortless.

Thanks to the serrated edge, you’ll never have to sharpen this 10-inch tool.

  • Perfect for big saltwater fish
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good weight
  • Nice-feeling grip
  • Does not need sharpening
  • Does not come with sheath, nor is it easy to find one
  • Jagged edge can be rough on meat
  • Extremely large knife
Saltwater fishermen should certainly consider the American Angler Delta Series 30110DS. Even though the long blade won’t work with smaller fish, it’s ideal for big saltwater catches.

3. Rapala 227856 – Best Electric Fillet Knife

Filleting can cause fatigue, even for the most experienced users.

If you want to fillet a large fish or go through an abundance of smaller catches, a lot of elbow grease will be needed.

However, you can save yourself the pain by investing in a quality electric fillet knife.

Not only does it cut down on physical effort, but it also gives you more time for preparing the meal or catching new fish.

You should try the best-selling and top-rated Rapala 227856, available for roughly $49 on Amazon.

Best Fillet Knife to Buy Rapala 227856 - Best Electric Fillet Knife

Main Features

7.5-inch reciprocating blades

120V AC60Hz unit

8 Amps

Heavy-duty motor

3-4 foot long cord

Design & Usability

The Rapala 227856 was designed to cut through even the trickiest meats.

Its main feature is the effective reciprocating blade design.

In other words, two blades work together in opposite directions to saw through tough fish like it’s nothing.

The product comes with a 7.5-inch blade, but you can order 9-inch or 7-inch replacement blades at any time.

Other technical perks include a super strong motor (120 V, AC69Hz, 0.8 Amps) and a long cord (about 3-4 feet).

Quality & Performance

Customers who received proper units claim that the Rapala 227856 can withstand years and years of heavy use.

Unfortunately, quite a few others had quality control issues, like burnt cords or packaging.

If you do end up in this situation, contact the company for a replacement.

Other than that, all you have to do is lightly press the knife on your fish for butter-like filleting in a matter of minutes.

We recommend that you do not apply pressure with this very sharp blade so to not accidentally slice through bone.

  • Very fast and powerful motor
  • Ability to use blades of other sizes
  • Safety button design
  • Long product life
  • #5 best-selling Filet & Bait Knife on Amazon
  • Prone to overheating
  • Safety switch may get stuck
  • Poor quality control
You can count on the Rapala 227856 if you need a durable and powerful electric fillet knife. It will save you time and labor regardless if you’re filleting small or big fish.

2. Kershaw 1259X – Best Fillet Knife on a Budget

Most of the time, fillet knives aren’t all that expensive.

Most models range between $20 and $50 in terms of price, depending on their features and the manufacturing brand.

Nevertheless, not all anglers can afford to splurge on a premium model. Luckily, you don’t even have to.

The Kershaw 1259X is the best fillet knife you can buy on a tight budget.

Its price is usually between $11-15 on Amazon, depending on discounts and sellers.

The 1259X is also a double best-seller on the website.

Main Features

7-inch blade

12-inch fillet knife

420J2 stainless steel blade material

Rubber handle with dual-end protectors

ABS sheath with belt holster included

Design & Usability

With a 7-inch blade, the Kershaw 1259X is one of the best fillet knives for small to medium fish.

If you typically catch bigger ones, you can buy the 9-inch version of the knife on the same Amazon product page.

As for the 7-inch 1259X, it has a comfortable handle design that provides a nice, non-slip grip when filleting in a wet environment.

One of the coolest aspects regarding the 1259X is the sheath. Made from durable ABS and with a belt holster, it clicks your knife in place for secure storage.

Quality & Performance

Until now, it seems like the Kershaw 1259X is a dream come true for any angler on a budget.

Sadly, it’s said to be one of the dullest fillet knives on arrival.

Still, we believe it’s a small price to pay for the general value you’ll enjoy. Just throw a budget sharpener in your Amazon cart and give it a good swipe when it arrives.

Aside from the factory sharpness issue, the Kershaw 1259X is highly-praised by customers for providing fine performance at a more-than-a-decent price.

  • Amazing overall value
  • Sturdy sheath
  • Ideal amount of flex
  • Pleasant grip and handle design
  • #4 Filet & Bait Knife and #5 Boning & Fillet Knife on Amazon
  • Dull out of the box
  • Pretty thick spine (1/8-inch)
  • Lackluster edge retention
There’s no better option than the Kershaw 1259X for a budget fillet knife. Indeed, you do have to sharpen it prior to filleting, but the long-term value is worth it. For other affordable cutlery pieces, check out our guide for the best chef knives under 50 dollars.

1. DALSTRONG GS 7″ – The Best Fillet Knife of 2019

Our #1 best fillet knife of the year is a miracle-worker for enthusiastic anglers and indeed a very sharp knife.

The model we chose meets all the needs of the dedicated fisherman, both in terms of quality and performance.

With an award-winning design and all the tech specs to back up its effectiveness, the DALSTRONG GS-7inch-filet is the best fillet knife money can buy this year.

Although it retails close to $60 on Amazon, it’s a must for any angler that takes fishing and filleting seriously.

Best Fillet Knife to Buy DALSTRONG GS-7inch-filet - Best Fillet Knife of 2018

Main Features

7-inch full-tang fillet knife

55 Rockwell hardness rating

5mm spine thickness

High-carbon German steel

Triple-riveted Pakkawood handle

Design & Usability

The GS is one of the most beautiful fillet knives you will ever lay your eyes on.

Hand-polished to perfection with an edge of 18 degrees/ side, the full-tang DALSTRONG knife is a pro tool that looks as amazing as it performs.

The gorgeous knife also features a traditional Pakkawood handle and comes with a second leather sheath!

While one is a hard-cover BPA-free sheath for indoor storage, the other is a PLU leather scabbard with a belt loop for outdoor use.

Quality & Performance

DALSTRONG is a trusted company that takes pride in the quality of their cutlery and outstanding customer service.

If any customer receives a dull or otherwise sub-par knife, their customer service department is quick to respond and replace it.

The blade of the GS is made of German steel that’s high in carbon and with a balanced 55 Rockwell hardness rating.

The knife is praised by professional chefs and fishermen alike for its value, and the high 4.6-star customer review average backs up its overall worth.

  • Professional quality
  • Notably well-balanced
  • Indoor and outdoor blade covers included
  • Flexible or stiff, as needed
  • Best-seller in the Boning & Fillet Knives Amazon section
  • Quite expensive for a fillet knife
  • Doesn’t arrive razor sharp
  • Novices would be better off with a cheaper model
The DALSTRONG 7-inch GS fillet knife towers over competition as the top model in its class. Although a beginner may want to invest in a more affordable piece, a serious angler can rely on the GS as the best fillet knife of the year.
Source: Pixnio

The Verdict

In conclusion, the best fillet knife for you is just a click away now.

After you purchase your dream cutlery, you may want to learn more about how to fillet a fish with precision.

As a parting thought, you can also look into our guides for the best sushi knife and the best chef knives of the year for more expert inspiration.

Which model from our list do you consider to be the best fillet knife for the money?

Sound off in the comments below with your opinion and experience!

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