This dynamic duo can do it all as while he cooks, she bakes so read on to find out more about Emese and Nandi, the couple behind MyPurePlants. Their plant-based recipes are sure to delight you and ensure a healthy diet, as they are suitable for all food fans, and especially for people who have to eat dairy-free, egg-free, and even gluten-free meals.

  1. What got you into Cooking?

Emese: I love to cook, but I love to bake more. And it was actually Buddy Valastro, TLC’s “Cake Boss” who got me interested in first cake decorating, then baking. I could binge watch whole seasons and be amazed by the gorgeous cakes he and his team made.

Nandi: I guess it all started when I had some cookery classes back in my college years and since then, I just got more and more involved in cooking and later on, when I started working, it just became the ultimate stress release tool for me.

  1. What determined you to start MyPurePlants?

We both love cooking/baking in the kitchen, but the idea of having a food blog came up last summer. Actually, two things started it all.

One of them is that we watched “What the Health” and “Forks over Knives” on Netflix, which turned our focus towards more of a plant-based diet. We tried to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet even before [watching them] but getting to know all these new plant-based ingredients, their nutritional value, and with Emese being coeliac, it was quite difficult to find a lot of gluten-free and plant-based recipes.

Nandor had been thinking for quite some time now about finding the thing he is the most passionate about, but still provide for the family. Experimenting with gluten-free and plant-based recipes and sharing them with others is quite rewarding. Since we started (even if at the moment, it is on the side) we’ve loved every minute of it.

  1. What inspires you to keep going, even when the Food’s not Done, the kitchen’s on Fire (Oh god, no!)?

I think we inspire each other. If one of us is overwhelmed, the other one usually steps in to keep things going. At the moment, my husband is still working full-time and I am a stay-at-home mom with 2 gorgeous girls. We try to divide and conquer.

  1. What’s your Favorite Recipe?

Emese: “Vegan Caramel Cheesecake” for sure. I was shockingly surprised how delicious cashew cream is. I might have never heard of it if we hadn’t turned towards plant-based eating. And that would be so sad, as I would have missed out on this amazing dessert. Even if you don’t eat plant-based, I cannot recommend enough to try it at least once. You will not regret it.

Emese and Nandi of MyPurePlants Interview: Plant-Based Cooking and Baking

Source: MyPurePlants

Nandi: “Vegan Beetroot Burger“. It is just so surprising that you can achieve a great tasting burger that even looks amazing with its purple “meat” in the middle.

Emese and Nandi of MyPurePlants Interview: Plant-Based Cooking and Baking

Source: MyPurePlants

  1. Want to share your Comfort Food or Guilty Pleasure too?

Emese: My comfort food is a hearty soup like Minestrone or Green bean soup. Guilty pleasure is chocolate, of course.

Nandi: My go-to comfort food is stir-fry noodles with any veggies, nuts, and soy sauce. Guilty pleasure is chocolate dessert cream.

  1. Your biggest Culinary Pride: What dish are you most proud of?

Emese: The pancakes with red lentils. You can ask my husband, I was actually jumping up and down when I finally figured out how to get the pancakes gluten-free and still fluffy.

Nandi: It is not on the blog yet, so I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Follow us and will tell you.

  1. Do you have a Favorite Ingredient?

Emese: Well that is easy. Cinnamon. I love cinnamon. I think it makes everything better and tastier. Just think about gingerbread cookies, pumpkin spice latte, apple pie, cinnamon roll, or french toast.

Emese and Nandi of MyPurePlants Interview: Plant-Based Cooking and Baking

Nandi: Walnut. You can use it in so many ways. It is especially great if you would like to achieve a meaty flavor in any given dish.Emese and Nandi of MyPurePlants Interview: Plant-Based Cooking and Baking

  1. A kitchen Tool that you couldn’t do without?

I think our most used kitchen tool is the food processor. If you eat plant-based, a food processor is really a must. We use it to make veggie burgers and even pie dough. We grate veggies or make nut butter. We use it every day.

  1. Beware! Sharp Objects Ahead: Do you Use and Have a Favorite Knife or just any will do?

Emese: I don’t have a favorite knife, but I do love shorter, smaller ones.

Nandi: My favorite one is a Santoku one. I tend to use it most of the times.

  1. What’s the Best Cooking Tip you ever got?

Taste, taste, and taste more. If something goes wrong, there are usually ways to make it good again.

  1. Chef Admiration: Who Inspires you the most?

We love Minimalist Baker and Vegan Richa. They both have creative recipes, gorgeous photos and videos, and easy-to-follow instructions.

  1. One Last Question: What would you advise someone that is just now Learning how to Cook?

I think having success at the beginning is the greatest encouragement to continue. You will get that “I can do it!” feeling. So first try easy recipes and follow them to the letter. Don’t try to be creative or substitute an ingredient. Practice and practice. 

Emese and Nandi of MyPurePlants Interview: Plant-Based Cooking and Baking

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