You might know her best as the Queen of Kosher and already be familiar with her story, or we might just be coming with something new for you to know about her.

Whatever the case, be sure to read this Jamie Geller interview to find out more about this food writer and celebrity chef that did not even know how to cook until some years ago.

1. We love your website (and the nice and fun About and Meet Jamie posts), but would you like to introduce yourself to our readers in a few words (and tell them something new too?

When I got married 15 years ago, I didn’t know how to cook — as in, had never turned on the oven. 

I learned out of necessity, on the job. Today, 15 years (6 kids, 6 books, a website with 10K recipes [Jamie Geller], and 165 million views of my cooking videos) later, I still don’t love to cook — but I love to eat and entertain and so am always looking for fast, fresh, and family-friendly ways to do so in a flash!

2. We’ve read all about how you went from take-out to home cooking extravaganzas, but if we’re not too forward, how did it feel, going from everything in a neat box, to learning to cook?

It was trying on my ego — which can be very fragile. My learning curve was filled with flops and disasters and disappointments (still to this day!) in the kitchen.

3. Keeping on a similar note, what Inspires You to Keep Going, even when the food’s not done, the kitchen’s on fire (Oh God, no!)?

My family — they’re hungry!

4. What’s Your favorite recipe ever (or at least at the moment)?

At the MOMENT — my favorite recipe to make is “Potato Kugel Cups“.

close up on potato kugel cup with blured cups in the background
Source: Jamie Geller

5. Want to share Your comfort food or guilty pleasure too?

Potato Kugel Cups.

6. Your biggest culinary pride: What Dish are you most proud of?

My Challah, specifically because I am NOT a baker.

Source: Jamie Geller 1/2

7. Do you have a Favorite ingredient?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (followed closely by coarse flake Mediterranean sea salt).

8. Also, what’s the latest interesting and exotic ingredient(s) you discovered (and love using)?

My favorites are Schug, harissa, amba, silan, and tahini on everything! (also love hawaij and za’atar!)

9. Tell us all about a kitchen tool you couldn’t do without?

A good quality sharp knife (see below!) + Tongs –> an extension of my arm!

10. Beware! Sharp Objects Ahead: Do you use and have a favorite Knife, or just any will do?

I’m obsessive about a good quality sharp knife — can’t manage without it. I have been using Wusthof knives for quite some time.  

chicken and veggie skewers on platter seen from above
Source: Jamie Geller

11. What’s the Best Cooking Tip you ever got?

Quality ingredients make all the difference — ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

12.  You are all about keeping in touch with your readers, so we’ve got to ask: would you like to share a cool/ interesting/useful tip or story you received from them?

Soooo sorry, can’t think of one now…

13.  Chef Admiration: Who is your biggest culinary Inspiration?

Gordon Ramsey and Martha Stewart (equally!).

14. The Fun Part: What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

(Eek, I’m not that interesting or adventurous — sorry!)

different types of cakes on platters of different sizes and heights
Source: Jamie Geller

15. One Last Question: What would you advise someone that is just Now learning how to Cook?

Focus on quality ingredients and technique — the foundations from which great cooking is born.

headshot of jamie geller smilling

Want to find out more about Jamie? Then start by taking a look at this show reel of her TV appearences, and then be sure to follow her on YouTube. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.