For this Kelley Wilson interview, we discovered more about the voice and creator of Miss Information, what got her cooking, how she got her nickname, and what determined her to start a blog. Miss Information also shared her favorite recipes, kitchenware, ingredients (you might be in for a surprise there) and many more!

  1. What got you into Cooking?

Necessity! My dad likes to tell the story of me calling my Mom in college crying because I had burned my pop tarts. I could only go uphill from there. Now he says, “I just don’t understand how you became such a great cook!”. I just started trying things and went from there.

  1. What determined you to start Miss Information?

One of my best friends gave me the nickname “Miss Information”. Every time she came to town she’d ask questions about recipes, how to do things around the house etc. She actually made a Miss Information notebook and would bring it to write things down in when she visited.

She and my husband said, “why don’t you put it on a blog?”. It really started as a hobby and for fun and then I realized I loved it and I could make money to help support my family.

I have ADD so this is really the perfect job for me. It’s always different, I can take breaks when I want, it’s always changing, and I get to write about stuff I like, and luckily, my readers do too!

  1. What inspires you to keep Going, even when the Food’s not Done, the kitchen’s on Fire (Oh god, no!)?

I work best under pressure and on a timeline, so I love the rush. I also love the sense of accomplishment amid all the stress. It’s really cool when someone says You helped me or I LOVE that recipe!.

My parents instilled the gift of service to others in me and this is a fun way to do that. Don’t get me wrong, my kids hate it when I say: “Don’t touch that until I photograph it!” but I know that one day when I’m gone, they will be thankful to have access to some of their favorite recipes online.

The other reason is all of the amazing friends I have made as a blogger. It’s one of the most supportive industries I’ve ever worked in and I’ve met some of my best friends through it.

  1. What’s your Favorite Recipe?

Without a doubt my “Biscuit and Gravy Casserole“. It’s a true Southern breakfast with all of your favorite things put together for an easy casserole. It’s my go-to when we have company, for holidays, or to take to a brunch.Kelley Wilson Interview (Miss Information): Get Informed, Get Cooking!

Source: Miss Information

  1. Want to share your Comfort Food or Guilty Pleasure too?

My mom’s cornbread dressing is my favorite comfort food and I make it year round to serve with chicken. I knew my husband was a keeper when we were dating and we went to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving and his mom made the same dressing.

My guilty pleasure is only guilty because I don’t have to cook it!  It’s ordering Indian food from Uber Eats. I’m the only one in the house that eats it so when my husband and 2 boys are not home for dinner it’s what I indulge in,

  1. Your biggest Culinary Pride: what Dish are you most proud of?

My turkey! Not everyone makes a juicy turkey but the secret is not that difficult, you just have to brine it! My mother-in-law still insists on cooking hers in a plastic bag and it’s always dry.

Urban Accents makes the best turkey brine kit around. We stick it in a cooler, leave it on the back porch overnight, and roast it in the oven the next day. It’s always really juicy and beautiful.

  1. Do you have a Favorite Ingredient?

Hot Italian sausage…I know, you thought I would say butter or something right? Hot Italian sausage adds so much flavor to anything you usually use beef in and it gives it a little, unexpected kick. Try it in chili, lasagna, soups, and more.

  1. A kitchen Tool that you couldn’t do without?

My wine opener – cooking is no fun without wine LOL.Kelley Wilson Interview (Miss Information): Get Informed, Get Cooking!

  1. Beware! Sharp Objects Ahead: do you Use and Have a Favorite Knife or just any will do?

My Santoku knife! It cuts anything and if I could only have one, this would be it!

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  1. What’s the Best Cooking Tip you ever got?

Have patience. Let things simmer and meld together for a bit. When I make Lasagna, I make the sauce the first day because it’s always better on the second, and then I assemble everything the next day. It also makes this dish less laborious.

  1. Chef Admiration: who Inspires you the most?

I don’t know that I have a current chef that does, but Emeril (Lagassé) definitely started me on my culinary journey. When my husband and I were dating, our date nights were us cooking his recipes together.

It instilled in both of us a love of cooking. Now my kids and I are inspired by Master Chef. We love to watch the series together and are planning to send my youngest son and his two cousins to Master Chef camp this summer.

  1. The Fun Part: What’s the Strangest Thing you’ve eaten?

I didn’t eat it but I dated an Indian guy in college and watched his mother sautés goat brains and testicles in curry. I like all kinds of cuisines, but sometimes you just gotta draw a line.

  1. One Last Question: What would you advise someone that is just now Learning how to Cook?

Start with something easy and follow the recipe, you’ll learn other things along the way. It took me a long time to be adventurous and change things up.

Get all of your ingredients ready first. Chop, dice, and measure. It makes things much less stressful when you are trying to put it all together.

Finally, don’t be afraid because you hear something like risotto is hard to prepare. It might be hard for that person but it might be easy for you.

kelley wilson smiling towards the camera

Kelley Wilson, the voice behind              Miss Information

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