Want to go vegan, but still eat all your favorites? Then check this Alex and Linda Meyer interview and get motivated and inspired! Mother and daughter, find out more about Alex and Linda’s journey to a healthier life (old time favorites and taste included!).

  1. How did you start your website and, most importantly, why?

We (Linda and her daughter, Alex) started Veganosity when we went vegan some 5 years ago. We reinvented the recipes that we loved before we made our lifestyle change and we wanted to share our veganized versions with family and friends. It was our way of showing people that good food doesn’t need to include animal products.

Almost 5 years later, we think we’ve done just that because we have an average of half a million page views per month and that number keeps growing.

  1. What recipe do you like to cook the most?

We love healthy comfort foods. Life is too short to eat just salads. LOL!

Many of our recipes are inspired by Linda’s childhood trips to the South to visit family, our Midwestern roots, our love of college football, and cozy foods that keep us warm during the long Chicago winters.

Soup, chili, Mexican, Italian, and curry are always on our weekly meal plans.

Alex & Linda Meyer Interview (Veganosity): Tasty & Healthy Vegan Living

  1. Your favorite kitchen tool?

Greg, Linda’s husband and Alex’s dad, gave each of us a Miyabi chef’s knife when our first cookbook was published. It is the most gorgeous and the sharpest knife we’ve ever used. It makes chopping, dicing, and mincing so much more precise.

  1. What’s the best cooking tip you ever received or heard?

We have many, but here are two:

  • We rarely use recipes, but when we do, we read the list of ingredients and the instructions before we start cooking.
    • This ensures that you actually have the ingredients you’ll need and that you understand the steps before you begin.
    • We also encourage people to check off the steps as they go. This will help to make sure that they don’t miss a step.
  • Never put food into a pan of cold oil! The oil must be hot before you add food. If it’s not, then the food’s going to soak up the oil and taste greasy.
  1. What does a healthy meal mean for you?

A healthy meal is void of saturated fat and cholesterol. We don’t count calories, but we do try and avoid those two things. The good news is that plants don’t contain cholesterol, and the only plant sources that contain saturated fats are certain types of oil, such as coconut oil, butter, and milk, and palm oil, which we try and limit.

Alex & Linda Meyer Interview (Veganosity): Tasty & Healthy Vegan Living

  1. Which chefs or cooking bloggers inspire you the most?

We love Timothy Pakron of Mississippi Vegan because of his Southern-influenced recipes and his incredible personality.

We also love Joanne Molinaro of The Korean Vegan. Her writing is incredible and she cooks full flavor dishes.

  1. One last question: Which is your favorite ingredient?

This is a tough question! We have so many favorites. If we had to pick one, it would be, cumin, because we use it in so many different types of dishes. We put it in Mexican, Asian, Indian, and many American recipes.

Alex and Linda Meyer headshots

Alex and Linda Meyer, the       mother-daughter duo       behind Veganosity

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