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Food and the culinary arts have taken over the world. We have cooking shows and fierce competitions on TV and dozens of online cooking tips and tricks in amazing video presentations.

Don’t forget about all the food-centered networks, magazines, blogs, and reality shows too.

We travel for food tasting, and we follow some of the most renowned and iconic world-known chefs no matter where they go.

As dedicated gourmands, we want to share with you the joy, the mystery, and the art of some incredibly inspiring chefs we should all be following on social channels to get a taste of what exceptional dining truly means!

1. Jamie Oliver

Known as the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver needs little to no presentation in the food lovers fan club. Besides having a truly inspiring personal story, which he put to good use, Jamie is more than just a famous and incredibly entertaining chef.

In him, the world found a spot-on health promoter and a man willing to fight for clean, honest, and nutritious food. He offers no-nonsense cooking – dishes anyone can make at home – with an emphasis on fast preparation times.

Jamie Oliver also draws attention to the addition of super-foods and healthy ingredients to any plate and having a blast while cooking.

Check out Jamie Oliver’s Instagram profile for amazing recipes and personal life bits. If you bookmark his website too, you will find plenty of recipes, resources for learning, cookbooks, tips, and tricks.

A man to love and a chef to follow, Jamie Oliver is a true inspiration for our generation!

jamie oliver instagram post with two pots of soup in closeup

2. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is the Deadpool of the culinary world: he has a loud mouth and you should have a healthy fear of him when he judges your plate. But he is also so talented and fun, you just can’t help it but love and respect him.

Known for his bad temper and his flamboyant persona, the Kitchen Nightmares controversial host offers his share of hard love to anyone who wants to learn the art of cooking.

His Master Class series – that teach people how to make restaurant-like foods at home – is a worldwide success. Hosting shows and giving names, Gordon Ramsey is first and foremost a culinary genius.

He is a multi-Michelin starred chef, an incredible entertainer, and the owner of some of the most celebrated restaurants in the world.

You can follow his Instagram profile, where he shares some of the most incredible artworks (food creations, actually) or his website. Here, you can keep up-to-date with the latest news, projects, recipes, and public appearances of this famous chef.

gordon ramsay instagram post of tuna tartare on a black dish

3. Nigella Lawson

The champion of home cooking, Nigella is a celebrity around the world. You should follow her website to make sure you get tickets to one of her tours or enrich your recipe book with dozens of amazing and delicious ideas.

Bookmark the site for daily cooking tips and tricks, delightful and surprising recipes, and an entirely new approach to family cooking.

It might interest you to find out that Nigella posts recipes offered by her website guests. So, if you’re feeling like a chef and want to give it a go, try having your recipe featured on Nigella’s website or Instagram account.

Nigella’s Instagram profile is yet another source of wonder and delight. Her 1M+ followers get to enjoy some of the most enticing food pics on the Internet, together with recipes so appealing, you may feel the urge to start cooking right now!

nigella lawson instagram post of crepes in a pot


4. Alison Roman

Here at ChefKnives we love to put the spotlight on up-and-coming chefs and Alison Roman is one of those. She’s a contributor with BonAppetit.com and her focus is on cookable recipes – which makes a lot of sense!

How many times have you started a recipe that seemed simple enough but went on to royally screw it up? I know I have.

Looking over her website, you get that feeling of “Oh, I wanna try this.” By this I mean a simple breakfast sandwich,  some basic green tacos, or the yummy-sounding spaghetti with tomatoes and anchovy butter.

To keep up with Alison, you can follow her website. For dazzling, mouth-watering images, there’s always her Instagram. And for more highly cookable recipes that you can cook up in no time, check out her book – Dining In.

Alison Roman homepage

5. Yotam Ottolenghi

You are surely already familiar with Ottolenghi’s passion and taste for all Mediterranean recipes and delights. When he does not cook, run restaurants, or hosts culinary shows for TV, Yotam Ottolenghi writes about the glorious world of food.

Did we already mention he also keeps one of the most beautiful and tantalizing Instagram food accounts on the planet?

You can follow his hearty recipes in The Guardian, but you should go straight to the source and head over to his website and bookmark your favorite creations.

Moreover, you can also shop plenty on his site, get your hands on a lot of helpful cooking tips and tricks, and learn everything you need about one of the most straightforward and fabulous pleasures in life.

yotam ottolenghi instagram post of chicken and rice

6. Grant Achatz

Grant is a visionary and an innovator through and through. Cutting-edge culinary arts, craftsmanship, and surrealist designs – they can barely describe what Grant’s cooking is all about.

If you ever had the honor and privilege of having dinner at the Alinea restaurant, you know that humanity has not enough words to describe what Grant Achatz can do in the kitchen.

Eating at Alinea is not about having dinner, it’s about having a life experience. Following Grant’s Instagram profile is an equally illuminating experience, as this wizard is capable of real magic on every plate.

Also, if you want to treat your guests and yourself with something that bewitches the mind and ensnares the senses for the upcoming holidays, then you should check out Grant’s Aviary Cocktail Book – a piece of art in and out of itself.

grant achatz instagram post

7. Dan Barber

Chef Dan BarberWith nearly 350k Instagram followers, chef Dan Barber, 47, is a vocal advocate of the farm-to-table movement.

His loud message has seemingly gotten across, as even the Obama administration lent an ear to his bits of advice on sustainability, nutrition, and importance of organic food.

Chef Barber is also a Tufts University, Massachusetts, graduate in English Literature and talented writer who has written a somewhat philosophical but insightful book on the future of food in the Western World, called The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food.

Follow Barber on Instagram to learn why “you are what you eat eats too,” along with plenty of sound advice on organic farming, constant nagging about the downsides of monocultural farming, and hot topics like heirloom seed preservation, grass-based dairy farming, and the importance of narrowing the gap between farms and tables.

Barber’s social media presence is not only inspirational but deeply educational too.

Chef Dan Barber Instagram Feed on corn's ancestor

Check out Chef Barber’s Instagram profile here.

Ready to Get Inspired?

Who is the chef that inspires YOU the most? Who do you turn to when you need to make fabulous complicated recipes, or, on the contrary, fast and delicious family comfort foods?

Leave us a comment with your favorite superhero in the culinary world!

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