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A. Copyright

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B. User Rights

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C. User Restrictions

C.1. Personal Data

In addition to the copyright and intellectual property restrictions stated in section A., there are several other regulations that Chefknives.expert users are subject to. When creating an account, leaving a comment or signing up for a newsletter on our website, you are not allowed to submit any other personal information than your own. In other words, the email address you provide must be only yours. You may not, in any way, attempt to access the personal data of other Chefknives.expert users.

C.2. Website Interaction

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D. Promotional Emails

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E. Affiliate Programs

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F. Liability Limitations

Chefknives.expert is not to be held accountable for the accuracy of information presented. Our website works with data collected from external sources at a specific time. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for any alterations brought to the initial source of information at any given time. Furthermore, we are not certified specialists in the areas we write about on Chefknives.expert. We always recommend that you verify your information through at least 2 additional sources, and that you ask an industry professional for any chef knife facts or authorized advice.

As briefly stated in section G., we cannot accept responsibility for the actions of our users on external websites. We strongly recommend that you read and respect the Terms of Use of the specific website you have been sent to. We are also not liable for any content generated by the users of our website, including but not limited to illegal actions. We kindly ask you to follow these Terms of Use to avoid any unpleasant incidents while visiting our platform.

G. Unannounced Revisions

At any given time, Chefknives.expert may alter these Terms of Use without prior notice, as well as any other content on the pages that describe our project. We may also modify the wording, structure, links, images and other aspects of our articles without informing our users beforehand. To ensure that you are up to date with all of the regulations, conditions and information regarding Chefknives.expert, we recommend that you revisit the pages you are interested in periodically.

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