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Prestigious Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa once said, “The fine art of preparing sushi is something that you watch and learn”.

We couldn’t agree more. Indeed, sushi and sashimi are nothing less than delicate arts that need to be studied and appreciated.

Whether you’re already a sushi chef or getting ready to take the first big step in becoming one, find out what the best sushi knives are.

Explore our well-researched collection below, from yanagiba to deba or usuba knives, and many more.

Best Sushi Knives of 2019

10. Wusthof Classic 4526WS – Best Beginner Sushi Knife

Not everyone looking for the best sushi knife is a professional chef.

Some are passionate about Japanese cuisine and just want to start creating their own dishes at home or prepare for a career in the industry.

If you want to take your sushi smarts to the next level, you need an introductory knife you can count on.

We suggest you try the Wusthof Classic 4526WS.

It is a beautiful 9-inch, single-beveled sushi knife that is currently available for a little less than $100 on Amazon.

best wusthof classic 4526ws sushi knife

Main Features

 High-quality high carbon steel

  9-inch blade

Full tang construction

 HRC 58

 Signature Wusthof PEtec technology

 Bamboo sheath included

Design & Usability

We chose the Wustof 4526WS as the best sushi knife for novices owing to its easygoing design.

With a blade that measures 9 inches long, the Wustof isn’t too difficult to handle if you’re not used to larger knives.

At the same time, it’s not so short that you’ll subsequently have a harder time maneuvering a 10.5-inch sushi knife if you decide to upgrade.

A few customers feel that the blade is rather on the thick and short side, but we believe it’s perfect for those who want to learn.

Quality & Performance

The Wusthof brand has a strong worldwide reputation for excellent German quality.

As opposed to most other commercial knives, Wusthof models rarely have complaints of breakage connected to their name.

Users are also highly pleased with the performance of the 4526WS knife.

It’s a well-balanced full tang model with just the right weight for effortlessly slicing through fish or sushi rolls.

Ensure that you store your Wusthof in the lovely complimentary bamboo sheath it comes with.

  • Comfortable length for beginners
  • Nice balance
  • Cuts sushi rolls smoothly
  • Great value with sheath
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • Some argue that the blade is too thick for sushi
  • Blade may be short for some users
  • Time-consuming maintenance
We encourage you to try the Wusthof Classic 4526WS if you’re just getting started on your sushi journey. It will help you get accustomed to the process while preparing you for developing your skills even more in the future.

9. Kyocera Kyotop (KT-200-HIP-D) – Best Sushi Knife with Ceramic Blade

There is quite some debate in the community regarding ceramic knives.

While some sushi chefs only stick to high-carbon Japanese steel for their collection, others choose the convenience of ceramic blades.

If long-term sharpness is the selling point you’re after, we definitely recommend a ceramic model.

From our perspective, the Kyocera Kyotop model is easily the best sashimi sushi knife in its category.

It retails for around $280, but you can often find it on sale for $250 or less.

best kyocera kyotop kt 200 hip sushi knife

Main Features

 8½” ceramic blade

 Hot-isostatic pressing technology

 Damascus-inspired pattern

 14” overall knife length

 Pakkawood handle

Design & Usability

Upon receiving your Kyocera, you’ll see that it comes elegantly packaged in a black gift box.

When you open it, you’ll find one of the most breathtaking ceramic knives you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Kyotop has a striking finish inspired by the traditional Japanese Damascus pattern. With a total length of 14 inches, the Kyocera features an 8.25-inch ceramic blade and a weight of merely 1.76 ounces.

Despite its light weight, the Kyotop is balanced for all stages of the sushi preparation process.

Quality & Performance

Considering its extremely high price point, the Kyotop actually follows through with the quality you expect.

The advanced blade is created using hot-isostatic pressing technology, which, according to the manufacturers, makes it “close in hardness to diamond”.

Surprisingly, it is indeed one of the hardest materials, which also results in extraordinary edge retention.

To ensure a long and satisfying product life, we recommend sending it to Kyocera when the times comes to re-sharpen it.

  • Holds an edge better than most steel knives
  • Comfortable grip
  • Gorgeous finish
  • Lightweight but efficient
  • Hardest blade material
  • Overpriced
  • Must be handled with care to avoid chipping
  • Needs to be sent to Kyocera for re-sharpening
If you’re an active sushi chef with high standards, you can’t get any better than the Kyocera Kyotop. It is a top-of-the-line ceramic sushi knife that will provide long periods of exceptional performance without requiring constant re-sharpening.

8. Dalstrong SS-S-10.5inch-Yanagiba – Best Yanagiba Sushi Knife

A key part of any sushi dish is the sashimi, which translates to “raw fish”.

Although you can use a multi-purpose sushi knife for the whole process, advanced chefs will seek the best sashimi knife to add to their collection.

One of the most popular types of sashimi knives is the yanagiba, which features the long and slender silhouette we associate with sushi cutlery.

Few yanagiba pieces outshine this Dalstrong model, an alluring sashimi knife from the company’s Shogun Series S that costs approximately $120 on Amazon.

best dalstrong ss s 10.5 inch happy sales hssr400 sushi knife

Main Features

 5-inch carbon sushi knife

 AUS-10V Japanese super steel

 62+ Rockwell hardness

 Honbazuke manual finish

 Handle with G-10 and rosewood blend

Design & Usability

Every aspect related to the Dalstrong yanagiba’s design will blow you away.

Its hand-polished, single-bevel, 10.5-inch blade is made from Japanese super steel (AUS-10V) and features an eye-catching pattern.

The traditional octagonal handle of the Dalstrong yanagiba is crafted from military-grade G-10 material mixed with red rosewood.

In addition, the piece comes with a handmade wooden sheath that ensures long-term protection.

The overall craftsmanship is absolutely amazing.

Quality & Performance

Dalstrong is one of the most popular cutlery brands among professional chefs thanks to their spectacular quality and service.

Their high carbon steels are extremely sharp and durable, providing precise cuts with every movement.

Even though the yanagiba may be a bit challenging to sharpen, a dedicated chef will always set the time aside for the task.

A few other customers also complained that it’s on the heavy side, but the weight actually helps you apply less pressure when slicing.

  • Effortlessly slices through raw fish
  • Stunning craftsmanship
  • Precise performance
  • Super sharp edge
  • Stellar customer service
  • Very heavy
  • Rather thick blade
  • Not full tang
We fully recommend the Dalstrong model as the best sashimi knife in the yanagiba category. It’s gorgeously crafted, wonderfully precise, and a long-term investment suitable for any professional kitchen setting.

7. Shun Pro VG0007 – Best Usuba Knife

As we slide into specialty sushi knives, we want to introduce you to the usuba.

It is the best sashimi knife for working with vegetables and an indispensable item in the kitchen of a sushi chef.

If you want to obtain paper-thin veggie slices for your sushi, we encourage you to invest in the Shun Pro VG0007.

The model is one of the best Shun sashimi knife options on the market, praised by users for its sharpness and performance.

It does cost about $180 on Amazon, but the usuba is worth it.

best shun pro vg0007 sushi knife

Main Features

 5-inch single-bevel blade length

 High-carbon stainless steel VG10

 Traditional hollow-ground back

 12 inches overall length

 D-shaped Pakkawood handle

Design & Usability

The Shun Pro VG0007 follows the traditional usuba design, with a rectangular silhouette and hollow-ground back.

It measures 12 inches with a 6.5-inch high-carbon blade made from VG10 steel.

The Pakkawood handle is sculpted into a D shape for added comfort and maneuverability.

If you want to focus on getting perfect vegetable slices, the Shun usuba is the best sushi knife out there for the job.

For the best results, we recommend using a “pull” movement instead of a “rocking” one.

Quality & Performance

Shun knives are known for being top quality.

However, we’re sad to report that a few customers have noticed a recent drop in quality.

According to some users, the usuba’s finish isn’t top-notch liked it used to be, not to mention that their customer service is unresponsive.

Be that as it may, the usuba provides a remarkably comfortable grip and holds an edge for quite a long time.

The piece is a must for any chef that strives for professional results with every sushi dish.

  • Best sushi knife for vegetables
  • Outstanding edge retention
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Provides ultra-thin slices
  • Feels great in hand
  • Finish may be lackluster
  • Drop in quality for a Shun knife
  • A bit on the heavy side
You should buy the Shun Pro VG0007 if you require the best sushi knife for slicing vegetables. It performs extraordinarily well for super thin cuts, all while maintaining its sharpness for long periods of time.

6. Kai 6715D – Best Deba Sushi Knife

Another specialty knife that sushi chefs should not overlook is the deba.

Traditionally used for whole fish, the deba is the ideal knife for any large, hard-to-cut items.

If you’re looking for a deba that won’t bruise your budget, the Kai 6715D is top value.

It currently costs only about $45 on Amazon, which is an incredibly low price to pay for a deba that is crafted in Japan.

As opposed to other accessible Japanese knives, the Kai deba will slice sashimi sushi just as well as a high-end model.

best kai 6715D deba sushi knife

Main Features

 Specifically designed for whole fish

 6-inch high-carbon blade

 Daido 1k6 stainless steel

 Single-bevel blade design

 Pakkawood handle (D-shaped)

Japanese-style hidden tang

Design & Usability

For their deba knife, Kai used daido 1k6 stainless steel that is high in carbon.

The single-bevel blade is 6 inches long, which may be a bit on the short side for the tastes of some.

However, the compact blade is simply perfect for cutting through large fish like butter.

In fact, it’s so effective for difficult cutting jobs that many home chefs use it for carving turkeys or going through whole chickens too.

The D-shaped Pakkawood handle will feel comfortable even after prolonged use.

Quality & Performance

In terms of performance, there really are no genuine complaints regarding the Kai deba.

It slices like a beast even through the hardest food items, all for an astounding price.

The Kai model looks, feels, and performs like an extremely durable knife.

Some believe that the handle could be a bit flimsy, but we have yet to find reports of cracking or breakage.

There truly is no better value out there right now in the deba knife category, particularly if you’re preparing sushi at home.

  • Perfect for harder cutting tasks
  • Fantastic price for a deba knife
  • Solid construction
  • Holds an edge well
  • Made in Japan
  • Smaller than other deba knives
  • Handle may feel cheaply-made
  • Balance could be a bit off
We support the Kai 6715D as the best sushi knife in its class, ideal for working through whole fish. It’s one of the most affordable deba knives on the market that doesn’t sacrifice quality despite its low price.

5. SETO Traditional Elite I-7 – Best Sashimi Knife

We’ve talked about yanagiba and deba knives, some of the most common sashimi models used by amateur and pro chefs alike.

Still, what is the best sashimi knife out of all subcategories?

At the moment, the SETO Traditional Elite I-7 takes the win as far as sashimi knives are concerned.

Created by world-famous Yoshinori Seto, the I-7 is hand-crafted in the city of Seki, renowned for Japanese cutlery.

If you order the SETO I-7 on Amazon, you’ll currently pay just a bit over $100.

best seto traditional elite i 7 sushi knife

Main Features

 25-inch sashimi knife

 Forged VG-10 stainless steel blade

 33 layers Damascus steel

 60 Rockwell hardness

 Red sandalwood handle with plywood bolster

Design & Usability

With an 8.25-inch blade, the I-7 can be used by chefs of all levels.

It is a traditional sashimi knife that features a D-shaped, red sandalwood handle and plywood bolster.

The forged blade contains 33 layers of Japanese Damascus steel with a VG-10 stainless steel core.

It has a Rockwell hardness rating of 60, which is more than enough for prepping sushi like a pro.

Thanks to the authentic artisanship, you can use the SETO I-7 both at home and in a commercial kitchen setting.

Quality & Performance

You shouldn’t have any issues working with the SETO I-7.

It’s the best sashimi knife in its class, produced by an iconic figure in the Japanese cutlery industry.

The knife comes razor sharp out of the box and can be used for all parts of the sushi preparation process.

Even though it may not hold an edge as long as the other best sushi knife options on our list, it’s really easy to re-sharpen.

The sparkling finish will definitely draw the attention of guests and spark compliments.

  • Super sharp and simple to re-sharpen
  • Superb finish, handmade
  • Terrific sashimi performance
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Made in Seki, Japan
  • May dull easily
  • Not full tang, tang too short
  • Poor customer service
Try the SETO Traditional Elite I-7 if you’re on the hunt for the best sashimi knife. It’s notably accessible for an authentic sashimi knife and won’t disappoint even the strictest of sushi chefs.

4. Happy Sales HSSR400 – Best Sushi Knife under 100 Dollars

The best sushi knife models always come at a price.

Rarely can you purchase an authentic Japanese knife without spending at least $100 dollars on it.

For beginners, it can mean making a massive investment before even knowing how to properly use a sushi knife.

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or you want to practice on a cheaper knife, the Happy Sales HSSR400 is the best sushi knife for you.

It only costs around $18 on Amazon, making it one of the least expensive knives on our list.

best happy sales hssr400 sushi knife

Main Features

 Single-beveled, 8-inch blade

 Made from molybdenum rust-resistant steel

 8 ounces weight

 Wooden D-shaped handle

 14 inches overall length

Design & Usability

The Happy Sales knife has a few favorable characteristics as a sushi knife.

Firstly, it follows the traditional Japanese design of a single-bevel blade with a D-shaped handle.

The blade is crafted from molybdenum steel and is 8 inches long.

As a result, you won’t have a hard time working with it as a beginner.

The Happy Sales sushi knife is perfect if you want to learn and practice basic sushi cuts, such as katsuramuki, hirizukuri or sogi giri.

You can also use it for mastering the sharpening process.

Quality & Performance

You shouldn’t expect much from a sushi knife that costs less than $20.

It won’t provide years of service, nor will it be suitable in a professional setting.

Nevertheless, knives like the Happy Sales model will prove to be extremely effective in gaining sushi prep knowledge.

You’ll be able to model your techniques without damaging an extremely expensive blade.

Additionally, the Happy Sales knife is actually pretty sharp and reportedly holds an edge for a long time.

  • Ideal for learning basic cuts
  • Cost-effective solution for practicing sushi making
  • Sharp with good edge retention
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Excellent overall value
  • Tang too short for Western home cook hands
  • Inferior sushi-type knife
  • Unvarnished handle
Don’t waste +$100 if you’re starting out with sushi or you’re buying your first specialty knife. The Happy Sales HSSR400 is just what you need for getting used to the tools and process. If you’re creating your whole knife collection on a budget, you should definitely check out our guide for the chef knives under $100.
Best Product

3. Yoshihiro Hongasumi HKYA300YH – Most Expensive Sushi Knife

While some individuals are just beginning to become accommodated to the art of sushi, others may have years on end of experience.

The latter case calls for a top-of-the-line knife that authentic professionals can count on.

We’ve previously praised Yoshihiro for producing the best Santoku knife on the market.

Now, we will explore the Yoshihiro Hongasumi HKYA300YH, the most expensive yet most effective sushi knife on our list.

It retails for about $360 on Amazon, so prepare a generous budget for it.

Main Features

 11-inch High Carbon Blue Steel #2 blade

 HRC 63-64

Buffalo horn bolster

 Japanese rosewood handle

 Magnolia wood sheath

Design & Usability

When you pay more than $350 for the best sushi knife, you’ll expect noteworthy cosmetic value.

You won’t be disappointed upon receiving the Yoshihiro Hongasumi.

This delicate yanagiba knife is a slender 11-inch long single bevel knife, crafted from Japanese blue steel #2.

The superior blade meets the rosewood handle with a buffalo horn bolster, all of which result in a jaw-dropping design and finish.

As the perfect final touch, Yoshihiro delivers your sushi knife with a magnolia wood saya (blade cover).

Quality & Performance

With a 63-64 Rockwell hardness rating, you know the Yoshihiro sushi knife is as durable as it can get.

The blue steel used for the blade is one of the finest materials available, and it’s expertly shaped and polished by Japanese artisans with extreme attention to details.

We only found one complaint of chipping, but other customers agree that it was most likely due to improper use.

The only slight downside concerning the Yoshihiro Hongasumi is that it’s only recommended for pro sushi chefs.

  • Recommended for professional sushi chefs
  • Beautiful sashimi knife with spectacular finish
  • Ideal weight and balance
  • Razor sharp with fine edge retention
  • Expensive
  • Not very sharp out of the box
  • May chip very easily
If quality is what you seek the most in the best sushi knife, go for the Yoshihiro Hongasumi. Indeed, it is expensive, but it’s a piece that will deliver well over a decade of professional results. You can also look into our list of the best Japanese chef knives you can buy this year for more inspiration.
Cheapest Product

2. Kitchen + Home SE-009 – Best Sushi Knife with Holes

Although you probably won’t catch sushi knives with holes in a commercial setting, some customers prefer a design of this kind.

Theoretically, the holes in a knife’s blade have anti-stick properties and also allow the user to push down on items while cutting them.

If you’re interested in getting the best sushi knife with holes in its design, we suggest the Kitchen + Home SE-009.

It currently costs less than $10 on Amazon, where it’s one of the top three best-selling items in the Sashimi sushi knives category.

best kitchen home se 009 sushi knife

Main Features

 8-inch blade

 10-hole blade design

 Teflon-coated stainless steel

 13 inches overall length

 Ergonomic ABS handle

Design & Usability

Although it is marketed as a sushi knife, the Kitchen + Home model basically follows the silhouette of a classic chef knife.

While this may be disappointing for some users, others will appreciate that they can use it for other purposes aside from making sushi.

The Kitchen + Home knife is 13 inches long, with an 8-inch stainless steel blade that features ten holes from the tip to the bolster.

Also, the ABS handle prevents slipping if you’re using the knife directly after washing it.

Quality & Performance

The SE-009 knife has a coating of Teflon that reportedly reduces sticking and friction together with the holes.

However, numerous customers have complained about the coat chipping or peeling off in certain areas.

Additionally, even though it’s a sharp and versatile model, the partial tang is very fragile and prone to breaking.

At this price point, it would be unrealistic to expect more of the knife.

  • Incredibly affordable (just $10)
  • Holes reduce friction and sticking
  • Comes super sharp
  • Works as a multi-purpose chef knife as well
  • Excellent knife for beginner sushi makers
  • Fragile tang
  • Cheaply-made 
  • Coating may peel off
The Kitchen + Home SE-009 knife isn’t the best sushi knife out there in terms of quality, but it’s a reasonable choice if you want a design with holes. You can also browse the best chef knife under $50 if you want additional low-budget options.

1. Yoshihiro Shiroko KKYA240MH – Best Sushi Knife of 2019

Considering that Yoshihiro is among the most respected Japanese cutlery brands, it’s natural that our #1 pick comes from them.

After extensive research, we stand behind the Yoshihiro Shiroko KKYA240MH as the best sushi knife of the entire year, made by true Japanese artisans.

The Shiroko is fairly priced, beautifully-crafted, and easy to use by both amateurs and professionals.

At the time we were creating our review, the Yoshihiro Shiroko had an Amazon list price of about $210.

best yoshiro hongasumi hkya300yu sushi knife

Main Features

 5-inch white steel blade

 62-63 Rockwell hardness

 Magnolia wood handle and saya

 Rust eraser and knife oil included

 Manually forged, sharpened, and polished

Design & Usability

The Shiroko has a 9.5-inch blade made from premium white steel #2.

As a result of the mid-range length, the model will be comfortable for all types of users.

The handle is made from magnolia wood, which is also the material used for the wooden sheath you receive with your purchase.

Even more so, you receive a knife oil and rust eraser with your package.

The overall value you enjoy with the Yoshihiro Shiroko is tremendous.

Quality & Performance

Some customers have complained about getting rust spots or a broken tip.

As seasoned sushi chefs will know, the blade material used for sashimi knives is high in carbon to increase durability.

A pro chef won’t expect the blade to avoid corrosion altogether, especially when maintained improperly.

Aside from that, the beautiful Shiroko is a true gem among sushi knives, with superior quality, performance, and general value.

  • Best value for the money
  • Top quality build and performance
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Superior steel
  • Recommended by professional sushi chefs
  • Not incredibly sharp out of the box
  • Tip may chip if not handled well
  • Improper hand wash and dry will lead to rust spots
We recommend the Yoshihiro Shiroko KKYA240MH as the best sushi knife you can invest in this year. It has the most balanced features for chefs of all levels of experience, all while delivering the quality Yoshihiro has become famous for.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the best sushi knife truly depends on the requirements of the chef.

If you’re a beginner, you may be better off with a budget knife to practice with.

On the other hand, pros can venture into superior options with blue steel, magnolia handles or other advanced features.

As a parting thought, if you’re just getting started with the art of sushi, you should gather extra tips and tricks on making it.

Respect the culinary art and enjoy the process!

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