Read our Meghan Harlow interview and find out more about the editor behind two Edible digital magazines, how she came to be part of their team, her passion for food, favorite dishes, and sources of inspiration!

  1. How did you start Working with Edible, and when did you start cooking?

As much as I would love to take credit for the beauty that is Edible East End and Edible Long Island, I can’t. I joined the Edible team as an editorial intern in February 2014, at which point both titles were already thriving. I was promoted first to associate editor in 2015. Then, in August 2016, I became editor.

I first got involved with Edible after seeing a copy of it in the hallways of my MFA program in Southampton, New York. The magazine was just so beautiful; I took it home and read it, cover-to-cover, at least twice.

Food had always been a passion of mine, so much so that my parents used to tease me that “sometimes a tomato is just a freaking tomato,” but that had just never been true for me. A tomato is something someone grew from seed.

It’s the result of a series of decisions, made by a farmer, partnered with the realities of the soil, the climate, the environment. The same is true of a beautiful dish in a restaurant. There isn’t a single topic that food doesn’t intersect with. Sorry, mom and dad, but a tomato is never just a tomato—freaking or otherwise.

  1. What recipe do you most like to cook?

I love to cook, but I identify more as a baker (despite the fact that I cook daily—much more often than I bake). Few things bring me more joy than baking a blueberry pie with berries from my parents’ farm. Served alongside a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream, this pie makes even those who swear they aren’t “dessert people” swoon.

Meghan Harlow Interview (Edible Magazines): Baking, Cooking, and Eating!

  1. Your favorite kitchen tool?

I love silicone spatulas. In fact, I love them so much that if you ever need one, just call me. I have one in every size, shape, and seasonal pattern. My current favorite is medium-sized and has “Hello Fall” on it. What can I say? Stir your creamy pumpkin soup with it and I swear the soup tastes better.

  1. What’s the best cooking tip you ever received or heard?

First, my grandma told me. Then, my mom told me. Finally, the rest of the world told me. You need to taste what you’re cooking! Every step of the way. For a long time, I was reluctant to do so because it felt like “cheating”, kind of like a groom sneaking a peek at his bride before they meet at the altar on their wedding day. I learned the hard way: With bland soups and over-salted chicken. So now I know: You have to taste what you’re cooking.Meghan Harlow Interview (Edible Magazines): Baking, Cooking, and Eating!

  1. What does a healthy meal mean for you?

A healthy meal, for me, consists of lean protein served alongside a ton of vegetables cooked in healthy fat, and very little carbs. Everybody is different, so I think what constitutes a “healthy meal” will vary depending on who’s eating it, but that is certainly the formula for what makes me feel good.

  1. Which chefs or cooking bloggers most inspire you?

Like everyone, it seems, I adore Samin Nosrat. I also love Alison Roman. Her recipe for Key Lime Pie, from her bestselling cooking Dining In, is my new go-to.

On the food writing front, though, I really am inspired by my colleagues every single day: Lindsay Morris, Carrington Morris, Lauren Wilson, and Bridget Shirvell.

My former colleague, Alicia Kennedy, is also a constant source of inspiration. The stories she’s telling are so vital, and it’s a beautiful bonus that she happens to tell these stories with humor, and just exceptionally well.

  1. One last question: Which is your favorite ingredient?

 Like Ina, I love a good olive oil. I cook with it every day.

Meghan Harlow in black and white

Meghan Harlow, editor of  Edible East End and Edible   Long Island

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