In our Natasha Bull interview, we get to take a behind-the-scenes look at Salt & Lavender, Natasha’s food blog, aimed at all passionate cooks, regardless of their budget or skill level. Her recipes are simple and smart and her tone is delightfully friendly and approachable.

1. How did you start your website and, most importantly, why?

I followed food blogs for a couple of years prior to starting my own. I figured that if others could do it, so could I. I’ve always wanted to start my own business, and the relatively low start-up costs of a blog definitely appealed to me.

I’ve always loved to cook, so it was a natural fit. I signed up for a domain name in 2015, installed WordPress, and just went from there.

Natasha Bull Interview (Salt & Lavender): It's All About Balance

Source: Salt & Lavender

2. What is your biggest motivation now, when creating content?

I love it when my readers make my recipes. I’m not curing any diseases here or majorly changing the world or anything but making people happy through food really motivates me.

3. Which is your favorite kitchen tool?

I love my chef’s knife.

4. What is the best cooking tip you’ve ever received?

I have so many, but the one that sticks out for me right now is something I learned from my friend Meghan in the last couple of years.

Keep fresh ginger in the freezer so that a) you always have some available and it isn’t rotting in some dark corner of your fridge, and b) it grates much easier when frozen. I often cook with fresh ginger, so this tip was extremely helpful for me.

Natasha Bull Interview (Salt & Lavender): It's All About Balance

Source: Salt & Lavender

5. What does a healthy meal mean to you?

To me, life is all about balance, but I do tend to eat pretty healthy most of the time. I consider a healthy meal to be one with a good balance of nutrients, fats, and carbs so I’m not too full, but I’m also not starving an hour later. I try to eat plenty of vegetables.

6. Which chef has inspired you the most?

Bobby Flay – he’s done it all, he’s extremely successful (restaurants, TV, etc.), and he still maintains a passion for cooking.

Natasha Bull interview

Natasha Bull, owner of Salt & Lavender

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